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Sunday, 1 November 2015

Lali Lali Anu Ragam Song Lyrics Translation From Indira

Movie: Indira
Music: A.R Rahman
Lyrics: Veturi
Singer: Harini

Lali Lali Anu Ragam Song Meaning In English 

Laali laali anu raagam saaguthunte yevaru nidurapore
As the melodious lullaby is being sung...why isn’t anyone sleeping?

Chinna podamari chinni praanam
Wouldn’t the little soul be annoyed?

Kaase vennelaku veche gaalulaku hrudayam kuduta padadhe
This heart is not finding solace even in the wide spread moon light and thin air breezes

Anta cheda mari venu gaanam
Is this song from the flute so bitter?

Kallu mellukunte kaalamaaguthunda bhaaramaina manasa
Oh troubled heart...If the eyes are wide awake would the time stop ticking?

Aaaa...pagati baadalanni marichipovutaku undi kaada e ekanta vela
This lonely time at night is meant to forget the worries of the day

|| Laali laali  ||

Sa ma ga pa pa ma pa maa ga ri gaa ri sa ni..
Sa ma ga pa pa ma pa maa..
Sa ma ga pa pa ma pa maa ga ri gaa ri sa ni..
Sa ma ga pa sagamaa..
Gama da da maa ni ni da
sa ni ri saa ni da pa..
Gama da da daa ni ni da ga ri saa ni da pa ma ga..

Yeto Poyeti Neeli Megham...Varsham Chiliki Vellada
Wouldn’t the passing by blue cloud sprinkle rain up on us?

sa ri ga ri ga ga ri ga pa ma ga

Edo Antunndi KOyela Paata...Raagam Aalakinchara
The sweet cuckoo’s song is trying to convey us something...listen to it

sa ri ga ri ga ga ri ga pa ma ga

Anni Vaipulla Madhuvanam...Poolu Pooyada Anukshanam
Wouldn’t this forest blossom flowers everywhere...all the time?

Anuvanuvuna Jeevitham...Andha Cheyyada Amrutam
This life at every moment offers us the sweet nectar

|| Laali laali  ||

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