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Thursday, 15 October 2015

Significance Of Bathukamma

Festival Of Nature!! Festival Of Women!

Bathukamma is a  colorful festival of flowers celebrated mainly in the regions of Telangana for 9 days before Dussera. It commences when the rainy season is about to rest and winter begins.
During this time, rivers will be overflowing with water and many varieties of flowers are available. Bathukamma is a  pyramidal mound of flowers stacked in about 7 layers of circles. Flowers ranging from Wild to garden flowers are used in creation of Bathukamma signifying every part of nature is valuable. 

Each day before the noon, Bathukamma is made by the ladies of the house. In the evening, they gather around the Bathukamma and move in circular motion around it by clapping and singing songs. And later they take Bathukammas to nearby water body and immerse it.

All these flowers have great medicinal values. The pollen grains of the flowers are natural water purifiers. Hence, the Bathukammas gliding on water cleanses the water from impurities. Bathukamma reminds us our responsibility to save rivers. 

There are many ancient myths behind this festival, but the popular ones are:

Once upon a time, King Dharmangada of Chola Dynasty ruled South India. After many prayers and rituals, his wife gave birth to a baby girl blessed by goddess Lakshmi. That baby survived many accidents. So, the parents named her Bathukamma (Bathuku = Life, Amma = Mother). She is bestowed with a good husband and lived long. Since then Bathukamma festival is celebrated by young girls in Telangana for healthy and happy lives, well being of their family and for getting a worthy husband.

King Daksha performed a yagna for which he called everyone except God Siva and his wife Sati. He insults Siva in front of the guests. Enraged by the humiliation, Sati offers herself to the fire of the yagna. In hope of bringing back Sati to life, People present there moved around the fire saying 'Bathukamma' - 'Come back to life mother' and thus she returns as Parvati.

Hence a turmeric mound representing Gauri is placed on the top of Bathukamma made with flowers.

Bathukamma is celebration of the bond between people and nature. Thanking nature for sharing its treasure with us is our Bathukamma. It is festival of prayers, joy and earth :)


Two beautiful videos on Bathukamma....Do watch them :)

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