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Saturday, 3 October 2015

Run Song Lyrics Translation From Bruce Lee - The Fighter

Movie: Bruce Lee - The Fighter
Music: SS Thamman
Singers: Saisharan, Nivaz

Run Song Meaning In English

Run...Life ante race ra
Run...Life is a race

Run...Ni kalala chase ra
Run...This is your dream chase

Run...Gelichentavaraku run run
Run...Until you run

Ehe run...Nilabadaku ekkada
Run...Do not stop anywhere

Run... Thadabadaku echata
Run...Do not tumble down

Run...Sadinchevaraku run run
Run...Until you succeed

Arey life lady la ventapade chirutha laga nuv run run
Run like a unrelenting cheetah chasing a deer

Oddu kosamai egasi pade keratamle  nuv run run
Run like a tide soaring high towards the shore

Sikharala kanna ethuga vegamla ivale nuv run run
Run today with a velocity that out ranges the highest of the peaks

||Run...Life ante race ra||

Gira gira tiragaledante, bhumike musali tanamanta
If the earth does not spin endlessly, that means that earth has grown old

Bira bira mayam avakunte, chalaki merupe chulakana ra
If the lightening flash doesn’t disappear in spilt of a second, It’s considered insignificant

Okka roju ravi rakunte, grahaname pandaganukuntam
It the sun does not appear for a day, eclipse takes over

Teguva mariachipote, kathiki padhunu tegina radhe
If the a knife loses its sharpness, it doesn’t come handy

Parugu marichipote, manishiki oopiraginatte
The moment you stop running, your breath ceases

E kshaname chalo chalo
So let’s go...this minute!

||Run...Life ante race ra||

Othipetina seramalle, thokipettina banthalle
Like a ball pressed down hard

Othide thatukovaloy, a otamina onikela
We need to handle the pressure bravely, that the defeat runs away shivering

Ekkadam modalu pettaka, agadam marichipovaloy
Once you started to ascending...forget the thought of stopping

Kolamilona mande chura chura inupa chuvva lage
Like an flickering iron rod searing in the coal kiln

Enta ragulutunte, lifeu ki antha pasidi range
The more you are scorched in life...the golden it gets

E patam suno, chalo
Listen to this lesson of life...Let’s go

||Run...Life ante race ra||

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