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Monday, 19 October 2015

Le Chalo Song Lyrics Translation From Bruce Lee - The Fighter

Movie: Brucelee – The Fighter
Music: SS Thamman
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singers: Megha, SS Thamman


Lay Chalo Song Meaning In English

Le Chalo
Take me with you

Nuvvante Nenura...Nevente Nenura
The meaning of you is me...I am with you

Nenatu Lenura Ra Ra Ra
There is nothing called ‘Me’

Neetone Nenule...Neelone Nenule
I am always with you...I am always in you

Nalone Lenule Oh ho ho
I am not with myself anymore

Le Chalo Yekkadiko Nanu...Le Chalo
Take me with you...Anywhere

Le Chalo Neeto Vasta Le Chalo
Take me with you...I will come

Le Chalo Ye Lokam Loko Le Chalo
Take me with any world

Verevvaru Kanipinchani Aa Chotuke 
To a place where no one else is seen

Nanu Lechalo Chalo
Take me with you to that place...Let’s go

Nuvvu Nadiche Nela Paina...Nenu Nadicha needaga
On the land you walked...I walked like your shadow

Ninnu Taki Veechu Gale...Peelchukunna Swasaga
I am breathing in air that breezed past you

Ninnu Nanu Janta Kalipi ...Manam Laga Maraga
Together ‘you’ and ‘me’...united into ‘we’

Manam Anna Mate yenduku Unndokkaraite
Why to use the word ‘we’ when we are ‘one’

Dooramekkadundi Manasulo Manasu Kalisipote
There is no scope for distance when a heart blended into another

Antaga Ne Sontamayyenantiki Nenunta Nante
I am here to be yours

||Le Chalo||

Konta Kalam Mundu Varaku ...Naku Nenu Telusule
Until recently...I knew myself

Ippudemo Nannu Nene Marichipoya Assale
But now...I completely forgot about myself

Yendukante Yeppudaina Kanti Ninda Ne Kale
That’s eyes are always filled with your dreams

Peru petti nannu Pilichina pattanattu Unna
Even when someone is calling me by my name...I am least bothered

Chooputhippananna Yevarela Thatti Leputunna
I am not ready to waive my gaze off you...though someone is trying to tapping me to come into senses

Nenani Unnanani Gurtundade Yepudenchestunna
I don’t remember myself or my existence anymore...whatever I do

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