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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Significance Of Arundhati Star During Weddings

Have you ever wondered why do the priests ask the groom to show the Arundhati Nakshatra to the bride during a wedding?

The reason behind it is as follows:

According to Hindu Mythology, Arundhati is wife of sage Vashista(One of the Saptarishis). Arundhati and Vasishta were considered as an ideal couple, symbolic of marital fulfillment. Arundhati is known for her remarkable loyalty and devotion towards her husband.

Following instance stands as one of the many examples that signify her pious nature:
Agni, god of fire yearns for union with the wives of the Saptharishis (seven sages). Hence, His wife Svaha, impersonates the wives of 6 sages to satisfy Agni’s desire. But, she will not be able to impersonate Arundhati. Her Virtues are so great and pure that no one can take a form of her or think otherwise about her.

During a wedding ceremony, Groom points the star to the bride to show the epitome of an ideal wife.
This ritual not just includes pointing towards the morning star Arundhati but at the double star system Arundati-Vasihta.

In most twin stars system one star is stationary and other rotates around it, while Arundhati and Vasishta both rotate in synchrony. This implies that they should understand that both share equal value in their lives after marriage. Life will be happy and prosperous when they coexist by understanding each other, sharing the responsibilities and balancing their ego.

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