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Sunday, 16 August 2015

Seethakalam Song Lyrics Translation From S/O Sathya Murthy

Movie: S/O Sathya Murthy
Music: Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics: Yazin Nizar
Singer: Sri Mani

Seethakaalam Song Meaning In English

Seethakaalam sooryudilaga konchem konchem chustave
Like a Winter’s sun...why do you look at me little by little?

Sootiga thaake choopulathoti gucheyochuga
Why don’t you sting me hard with your sharp glances?

Vesavikaalam gaalullaga konchem konchem veesthave
Like a Summer’s wind...why do you breeze lightly?

Tarime tuntari thufaanulaga chutteyochuga
Surround me like a naughty monsoon tornado?

Varshakaalam mabbullaga konchem vastaave
Like a rainy day cloud...why do you peek in a little?

Sayankaalam saradalaga motthamga rave
Come to me like a joy of the evening hours

Kanulaku kalalu vayasuki valalu...Visiresina maghuva manasuku dorakave
Reach me O girl...who bestowed dreams upon me and entrapped my youth

|| Seethakaalam sooryudilaga ||

It’s love...when you feel hot in the cold
It’s love...when you never ever get old
It’s love...when you just you and me...Yeah
Get closer and hold me

Pagaledho raathredo telisi theliyaka nenu
Unable to distinguish between day and night

Melukuvalo kalagantu sathamathame avuthunnanu
I am being troubled by dreaming during the day

Yerupedo nalupedo colore theliyaka kannu
My eye is unable to differentiate between red and black colors

Rangulu thaggina rainbow la confusion lo unnanu
I am in a confusion like a rainbow deprived of colors

A for Ammayantu...B for Beat ae koduthu
A - ‘A’ Girl...B - going ‘B’ehind her

C for cinema hero la thirigaane thirigaane
C - like a ‘C’inema hero, I am roaming around

D for...Darling antu...E for Every nightu
D - For my ‘Darling’...E - ‘E’very night

F for Flood light esi vethikaane vethikaane
F- I have searched for her...with flood lights on

|| Kanulaku kalalu ||

|| Seethakalam sooryudilaga ||

When I see you I start hearing voices
Right there in the middle of the silence
With the rest of the melody slowly fading in
Baby you are my symphony in all sense

Gundello maatalni nek etta cheppaalantu
To express the words of my heart

Evevo paatallo reference aedo vethikaanu
I have searched many songs for reference

Vennello kurchunte kotthemundanukunnanu
Till now, I haven’t understood the beauty of moonlight

Nuvvochi kalisaake difference aedo chusaanu
But now, I understood the difference only after I met you

G for Girl friend antu...H for Humming chestu
G – Considering you as my ‘G’irl friend...H – ‘Humming’ around you

I for I love you chebuthu thirigaane thirigaane
I – I roamed around saying ‘I Love You’

J for Jaabili nuvvu, K for Kougili nenu
J – You are my moon, K- I am your Hug

L for Life time neethonee untaane untaane
L – I will be with you for ‘L’ifetime

|| Kanulaku kalalu ||

|| Seethakalam sooryudilaga ||

The sun rises and then it sets
But something new happened the day we met
They both seem to be happening at the same time
I knew I have to make you mine


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