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Sunday, 2 August 2015

Did Bahubali Exist In Real?

The recent sensation ‘Baahubali’ took us into a world of visual fantasy and left us awe struck!  The enchanting storytelling , powerful performances, graphical splendor took the glory of Indian cinema to next level. Kudos to the team of Baahubali!

Every master piece is chalked from an inspiration. So, have you ever wondered if the movie Baahubali has been inspired by any real story of history?

Did Baahubali Exist In Real??

The Jain literature says Yes. Not going in depth and keeping it short, The story is as follows:
Once up on a time there lived a king Rishabha Dev also called as Adinatha. 
He had two wives, Sunanda and Sumangala. He fathered 100 sons and 2 daughters. Among these Sunanda was mother of Bahubali, and Sumangala was the mother of Bharat.

Rishabha on developing a desire for spiritual quest, chose the path of renunciation. Hence, he bequeathed northern half of his kingdom with capital city as Ayodhya to his eldest son Bharata and southern half Poudanapura to Bahubali.

Rishabha Dev

Blinded by power, Bharata thrived to lead as a paramount emperor. He demanded submission from his own brothers. Bahubali refused to give in. It led to a challenging of a battle between two brothers. To avoid bloodshed and loss of lives from both the kingdoms, the wise counsel of ministers devised a 3 level duel between the two.
It consisted of 3 contests.

Dristi Yuddha – Staring at each other without closing the eyelids
Jala Yuddha   – Splashing water on each other till one turns his face away
Malla Yudha   – Wrestling

Bahubali defeated Bharata by winning in all the above forms of duel. Bharata was disappointed and was fuming with anger. Finally Bharata orders his chakra – a divine wheel , a super weapon to attack Bahubali. The chakra, however circled around Bahubali thrice and stood suspended. It could not do any harm to him! This was the moment of total disillusionment about the futility of material world.

Bahubali was disgusted and realized that anger, greed and pride could lead to such fraternal conflicts. At that stage, without even a moment hesitation renounced his kingdom and all other worldly pleasures and decided to take sanyasa and undertake penance. Bahubali left for meditation and purification of his soul.

Bahubali stood in Kayotsarga (standing) posture in total meditation continuously for one year, without food and water. Ant – hills grew by the side of his legs and serpents made these ant hills as their abode and were moving around. Creepers grew up entwining his legs and arms up to his shoulders He attained Kevaljnan – a perfect and complete knowledge about the Universe.

The evidence of this story stands at the Shravanabelagola district in Hassan district of Karnataka. The joy and bliss he attained is manifested in the benign smile on the face of the gigantic statue of Gommeteshwara (Gommata in kannada mans ‘huge’)  consecrated by Chavundaraya.

In recent few decades, the statue has become an attraction for worldwide tourists, especially from Europe and America. Every year, hundreds of thousands of people come here to see the wonder. Every 12th year, there is a big ceremony called Mahamastakabhishek. In that year, about 2 millions of people visit this place.

Hail Ho Bahubali, for preaching us with your story that conquering the material world will only make us crave for more and exploring our inner world will lead to enlightenment.  

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