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Monday, 29 June 2015

Pacha Bottesina Song Lyrics Translation From Baahubali

Movie: Baahubhali
Music: M.M. Keeravani
Lyrics: Anantha Sriram
Singers: Karthik, Damini

 Pacha Bottu Song Meaning In English

Paccha bottesina pilagada ninnu
Pachhi prayaalane panchukuntanu ra
Oh my dear young man...who inked an everlasting tattoo over me
I will share this span of my tender age with you

Janta katesina thuntaroda neetho
Konte thantalane thechukunta dhora
Oh naughty one who joined my side
I am ready to welcome any problems if you are with lord

Veyi janmala aaratamai
Vechi unnane ni mundhara
With  this longing of thousands of lifetimes
I am waiting for you...standing right in front of you

Cheyi ni chethilo cheraga
Rekka vipindhe naa thondhara
As my hand joined the hand of yours
The restless eagerness of mine has unleashed it’s wings

|| Pacha Bottesina||

Mayaga ni soyagaalallu vesi
Nannu ila lagindhi nuvve ala
Enticing me with your sensuous beauty
You lured me towards you

Kaburulatho kaalaani...Kariginche vrathamela?
Haththukupo nannu oopiri aagela
Why are you whiling away the time with your words?
Hug me so closely that my breath stops for a while

Baahubandhala poththillalo...Vicchukunave oh malika
Kode Kaugilla Pothillalo...Puri vippindhi naa korika
In these strong strands of have blossomed oh my flower
In these naughty hugs of desires are bloomed

|| Pacha Bottesina||

Kaanalo nuvvu nenu oka menu kaaga
Konalo prathi komma murisennu ga
In this forest we both became one
Every branch of these trees is filled with delight

Maru kshaname yedhuraina...Maranam kuda paravasame
Saantham nenu ni sontham ayyaika
Even if death confronts me next moment...I will be more than happy
As I totally become yours

Chemma chereti chekilalo...Chindhulesindhi siri vennela
Prema ooreti ni kalalo...Reyi karigindhi theli manchula
On the misted cheeks of yours...This precious moon is dancing with joy
In these eyes of yours...radiating love...this night dissolved like a early morning mist

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