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Friday, 23 January 2015

Kallu Moosi Yochisthey Song Lyric Translation From Veedokkade

Movie: Veedokkade
Music: Harris Jayraj
Lyrics: Bhuvana Chandra
Singer: Karthik

Kallu Moosi Yochesthey Song Meaning In English

Kallu moosi yochiste akkadikochchaav munde munde
As I closed my eyes and started thinking about appeared

Naloni mounamai santosamihchchaav pillaa munde ||2||
Being my silence, you endowed me with girl

Idi nijamaa vivarinche yelloraa prathimaa
Oh beautiful sculpture of Ellora caves, tell me if all this is happening for real

Pasi chilakaa pasi chilakaa nee kalale kannane
My charming one...I have always dreamt of you

Paravasame balapadaga ne neevanukunnaane... Cheraane
As my joy multiplied...I knew the reason was you...I eventually reached you

|| Kallu moosi yochistey||

Kadalai pongina maatalu anni mutyapu chinukulai raale
Words flowing inside me like an ocean are raining like pearls

Mounam nindina maatalu maatram madividave
But the words filled with silence are reluctant to leave my heart

Daare teliyani kaallaku aadugulu nerpinchavugaa nestam
For my feet, which are oblivious of path directed the steps, my companion

Dooram baaram kaalam anni digadudupe
These Distances, Worries and Time doesn’t matter to me now

Yadaloki premoste kammenu kalavarame
As the love spins into the heart, restlessness encompasses

Minneti merupalle viharistaanu anukshaname
I will glide along in the sky every moment like a heavenly flash of light

|| Kallu moosi yochistey||

Aase chinna taamara mullai vechchani gundeni podiche
My longing for you is prickling my heart like a tiny thorn of lily

Mounam konchem balapadi mallee usigolipe
But then my silence grows stronger driving me towards you

Aayyo boomi nanne vidichi tanakai chuttoo vetike
This planet is searching around for you, ignoring my presence

Ayinaagaani yadalo yedo oka maikam
But still, my heart if filled with a frenzy delight

Ide prema toli malupaa thamaina cheli talapaa
Is it my first turning point of love?...or am I immersed in the deep thoughts of my dear one?

Oka moham oka paasam kudipese katha madhuram
That story which holds bonding and fondness together would make it more pure and sweet 

|| Kallu moosi yochistey||

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