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Saturday, 15 November 2014

Neeli Rangu Song Lyrics Translation From Govindudu Andarivadele

Movie: Govindudu Andarivadele
Music: Yuvan Shakar Raja
Lyrics: Suddala Ashok Teja
Singer: Hariharan

Neeli Rangu Cheeralona Song Meaning In English

Neeli rangu cheera lona sandha mama neeve jaana
Etta ninu andhu kone
Draped in blue are the moon of the skies, O beautiful lady
How can I reach you?

Edu rangu lunna nadumu bonga ramla tippa dhana
Ninu etta adhumu kone aa
Possessing the seven colors of the rainbow, as you move your waist like a spinning top,
How do I hold you dearly on my arms?

Mudhulichi muripisthave kougilinchi kavvisthave
Antha lone jaripo thave
You elate me with joy by caressing me, you delight me by embracing me
And in no time, you drift away from me

Merupale merisa jaana varadhale munche jaana
E bhoomi paina nee maaya lona pada nodu yevade jaana
Beautiful lady, who gleams like a flash of lighting, who drenches us like a flood with her charm
There is no one on this earth who is not enchanted with your magic

Jaana ante jeevi tham jeevi thame nera jana ra
Dhanitho syeaadara etiki edhureedara
This beautiful lady is life...and life is nothing but this lovely lady
Swinging with her happily, face any hurdles of life bravely

Raaka raaka neekai vacchi punnamanti chinnadi icche
Kougilintha bathukuna vocche sukhamanuko
Revere the hug of your lady as the eternal bliss of your life. She is the moonlight descended down for you.

Poovu laaga edure vacchi mullu laaga edalo gucchi
Maayamaye bhaama vantide kashtamanuko
Predicament in a life is a tender flower approaching, pricking the heart like a thorn and disappearing

Yedi kadadaaka raadani theluputhundi nee jeevitham
Neetho nuvu athidhivanukoni vey raa adugey raa vey
Life conveys the message that nothing follows you till your last
Treating yourself as a guest, step a head

Jaana kaani jaanaraa...jeevithame nerajaanaraa
Jeevitham oka vintha raa aadukunte poobanthi raa
Life itself is a rarest beauty of its own kind
Life is a miracle, if you start playing, it rolls down to be a ball of flowers

Sahasaana polame dhunni, panta theese balame unte
Prathi roju oka sankrathi avuthundhi ra
When you plough the fields with endurance and foster the yield, Every day is a filled with celebrations

Brathuku poru bari nilichi, neeku nuvvu aayudham aithe
Prathi poota vijayadasami ye vasthundhi ra
As you place your stance strongly in the race of this life of struggle, and turn yourself into a weapon that aids you, Every day would be marked as a day of victory

Neepai vidhi visire nipputho aadukunte deepaavali
Cheira prathi gadiya pandage cheira cheira chey
It would be a day of illumination, when you face the flares that fate hurls towards you
Enjoy every moment of life with jubilations

Jeevitham anu rangula raatnam yekki ooregara
Jeevitham oka jaathara, cheyyataanike janma ra
Relish the ride of this merry-go-round called ‘life’
The purpose of this birth is to celebrate the festival of life!

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