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Monday, 11 August 2014

Nenu Thanani Song Lyrics Translation From Oh My Friend

Movie: Oh My Friend
Music: Rahul Raj
Lyrics: Sirivennala
Singer: Ranjith


  Nenu Thanani Song Meaning In English

Nenu thanani anukuntara
Why do you consider us as two distinct souls?

Nene thanani anukora
Why don’t you think that we both are one?

Iddari ga kanipinchatame maa tappantara
Is it our mistake to appear as two?

Aadamaga ani theda undani abimaananiki chebuthara
Would you discriminate affection on the basis of gender?

Senham moham rendu verani telisi tappukupotharaa
Understanding that friendship and attraction are different, would you withdraw your argument?

Okachote untuu...okate kala kantuu...vidi vidiga kalise unde...kalladi ye bandham
What relation does our eyes hold by being together and sharing the same dream?

Kalakalam ventee...nadavalanukuntee...kaallaki oka mudi undalani ...enduku ee pantham
If we want to walk along life long...why do you insist on a confined bond?

Chuttarikam unda ...chettuthoo pittakedho
Em lekapothe...gudu kadithe neeramaa
Is bird in any relation with a tree?
If not, is it wrong to build a nest on the tree?

Ye chelimi leda ...gattuthoo yeetikee edo
Vivarinchamante sadhayamaaa
What relation does the sea have with the shore?
Wouldn’t it be difficult to explain it?

||Nenu thanani ||

Kanulaku kanipinchee rupam lekuntee
Pranam thannunaa anna naammam antara
If the soul doesn’t bear a shape, wouldn’t you believe in existence of life?

Chevulaku vinipinchee savvadi cheyandee
Gundelloo kadile naadam ledani antara
If the beats of the heart are not audible to the ear, would you consider they doesn’t exist?

Madiloni bhavam maataloo cheppakuntee
Atuvanti mounam taganidantuu ardhamaa
If the feelings of heart cannot be expressed in words
Does that imply the silence does not mean anything?

Teeranni nityam ala ala tagutunte
Nilipe nishedham nyayamaaa
As the tides tenderly fondle with the shore endlessly
Is it correct to restrain them?

||Nenu thanani ||

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