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Saturday, 16 August 2014

Em Sandeham Ledu Song Lyrics Translation From Oohalu Gusagusalade

Movie: Oohalu Gusa Gusalade
Music: Kalyani Konduri
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram
Singers: Kalyani Konduri, Sunitha


 Em Sandeham Ledu Song Meaning In English

Em sandeham ledu aa andaala navve ee sandallu thecchindi
There is no doubt that your beautiful smile is the reason for these jubilations in the air

Em sandeham ledu aa kandeti sigge ee thondarlu icchindi
There is no doubt that your blushing redness is the reason for this excitement around

Em sandeham ledu aa gandhaala gonthe aanandaalu penchindi
There is no doubt that your lovely voice is the reason for this multiplied happiness

Nimishamu nela meeda nilavani kaalilaaga madi ninu cheruthonde chilakaa
Like my feet unable to stand on ground even for a minute, my restless heart is reaching you my dear

Thanakoka thodu laaga venakane saaguthondi hrudayamu raasukunna lekhaa
Being a companion to it, the letter composed by my heart is following

|| Em sandeham ledu ||

Vennello unnaa vecchangaa undi ninne oohisthunte
I feel warmth in the moonlight when I think of you

Endarilo unnaa edolaa undi nuvve gurthosthunte
Even with people around, I miss you when you come to my mind

Naa kallallokocchi nee kallaapi challi o muggesi vellaave
Come to my dreams...sprinkle water and fill me with colors

Nidurika raadu anna nijamunu mosukuntu madi ninu cheruthunde chilakaa
Carrying the truth that sleep is off my eyes heart wants to join you

Thanakoka thodu laaga venakane saaguthundi hrudayamu raasukunna lekhaa
Being a companion to it, the letter composed by my heart is following

|| Vennello unnaa ||
Nee kommallo guvva aa gummamlokelli koo antundi vinnaavaa
The bird of your nest is singing happily at my doorstep, are you listening to it?

Nee mabbullo jallu aa mungitlo poolu pooyisthe chaalannaavaa
The rain of your clouds is blossoming my flowers

Emauthunnaa gaani emainaa aiponii em parvaaledannaavaa
Did you say that whatever may happen it is okay for you?

Adugulu veyyaleka atu itu thelchukoka sathamathamaina gunde ganukaa
Not knowing where to step...what to heart is troubled

Adigina daanikinka badulika pamputhundi padamulu leni mouna lekhaa
Answering all your questions, it is sending a letter of silence with out any words

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