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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Kanulanu Thaake Song Lyrics Translation From Manam

Movie: Manam
Music: Anoop Rubens
Lyrics: Vanamali
Singer: Arjith Singh


Kanulanu Thaake Song Meaning In English

Oh kanulanu thaake o kala...choope ninnila
A dream that caressed my eyes has given me a glimpse of yours

Nanne maarchena nuvvayyela
It has transformed me into you

Oh manasunu laage maayala...vese o vala...nee navvule nedilaa!
Like a magic that lures my heart towards you...your smile has captivated me today

Neelo unna , neelone unna, nee preme ne korukunna
I am within you...I am filled in you...all I wished for is your love
Neelo unna, nee thodai unna, ninne ne preminchina
I am within you...I am with you...the one I ever loved in you

|| Oh kanulanu thaake ||

Oh innaallu aanadham veluvaayene
All these days...we were happy with overwhelming joy

Yemaindho ee nimisham dhooram aayene
But all that has disappeared now

Vennalinka cheekatayyena
Moonlight has turned dark

Navvulinka maayamayyena
All our sweet smiles has disappeared

Baadhalinka needa laaga naatho saagena
All my sorrows are following me like my shadow

Naalo regindhi o gaayame
A deep wound has tormented inside me

Dhaare choopena ee kalame
Would the time show us the way?

Neeve nena, nee mounam nena
Am I not you?...Am I not your silence?

Nee oose ee gundellona
My heart is filled with you

Neetho lena aaha!
Am I not with you?

|| Oh kanulanu thaake||

Chandha...Oh chandhamama, raava maa vente raava
O dear moon...come...accompany us

Paine nuvvu dhaakkuntaava
Or you prefer to hide in the sky?

Baala, o vennela baala...raava, nuvvaina raava
O little moon least would you like to come with us?

Maatho nuvvu chindhesthaava??
Will you dance with us?

Tee tee tee tee tee tee tee !!

O ee dhooram endhaaka theesukelluno
Where will  this separation between us will lead to?

O ee mounam ee naatiki veedi povuno
When will this silence between us shatters?

Bandham inka aavirayyena, pantham inka oopirayyena
The bond between us evaporated...our ego has become the source of life

Neeti meedha raatha laaga preme maarena!!
Our love has become short lived like writings on water

Inka ee jeevitham endhuko
With all these...What is this life for?

Kanta kanneeru nimpendhuko!
is it for filling my eyes with tears?

Neetho raana nee needaipona
Can I come with you? Can I turn into your shadow?

Nee kopam ventaaduthunna!!
Even though your anger is following us

Neelo lena aaha!!


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