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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Konchemu Konchemu Song Lyrics Translation From Eega

Movie: Eega
Music: M.M Keeravani
Lyrics: Ananth Sriram
Singers: Vijay Prakash, Deepu, Revanth

 Konchemu Konchemu Song Meaning In English

Konchemu  artham ina...konchamu konchamu kakapoina
When you understand a little or ignore a little

Konchamu bettu choopina...Koncham koncham guttu vippina
When you act stubborn ...or when you try to reveal your feelings

Konchamu kasurukunna...mari konchamu konchamu  kosari navvina
When you taunt me a little....or when you give a gentle smile

Nee gunde lothuna...boothaddam veyana...edo moolana nanne choodana ||2||
I would look closely in your heart, and find myself somewhere deep inside

Konchamu choodavachhuga...Konthaina maataadavachhugaa
Can’t you look at me once?...Can’t you speak with me once?

Poni alagavachuga...Pogadaalante adagavachugaa
At least be angry with me....ask me if you want me to praise you

Neekai  mella mellaga pichhodnouthunna jaali padavuga
I am going crazy for you...yet you do not feel compassionate about me

Pisanari nari ve...Pisaranta palakave
You are a very greedy woman...speak a little

Aa kancha thenchave ivvalainaaaa
Break that barrier between us at least today

|| Pisanari nari ve||

Kakitho kaburu pampina..Kaadana kunda vachi vaalana
Even if you send a message with a bird...I will be before you without second thought

Rekkalu lekapoyina...Chukkalake ninu theesukellana
Though I do not have wings...I will escort you to stars

Janmalu enni maarina prathi janmalo jantaga ninnu cherana
In every birth I will reach you to be your companion

Nee gunde gootilo naa gunde hai ga...thala daachukundani theliyaledaa
Haven’t you realized that my heart is peacefully resting in your heart

What did you say?

|| Nee gunde ||

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