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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Gala Gala Song Lyrics Translation From Race Gurram

Movie: Race Gurram
Music: S.S Thamman
Lyrics: Rehman
Singers: Dinesh Kanagaratnam, Mega

Gala Gala Song Meaning In English

 Gala gala gala gallantu manase...gala gala gala galloki egise...maayo o ammayo
My heart soared up in to the air...O girl is this your magic?

Ye aaga mante aagipodhe...dhaga mante daagipodhe
My heart is not in my control anymore...It is neither stopping nor hiding

Vunna chota vunda neeve...ninnu veedi vundalene...maayo o ammayo
You make me restless...I cannot live without you...O girl is this your magic?

Nuvvante pitchchi prema le
I am madly in love with you

Chethilona pattinanta...chinnadindi lokamantha
This world has shrinked to fit in my fist

Malli nenu puttinantha...kothagundhi ippude...maayo o ammayo
I feel rejuvenated as if I had a rebirth...O girl is this your magic?

O addhamalle kalla mundhu nuvvu vunte illa
As you stand before my eyes as my mirror

Na gunde lone vegamentho cheppamante ela
How can I estimate my heart beat rate?

Nee kalla thoti nannu naaku chuputhunte illa
When I look at me with your eyes

Nanninka nene aapa leka aapa leka oho o
I am unable to control myself

|| Gala gala ||

Love is deep in my heart
Come and show me love sweet heart
Tell me baby can you love
I can be your love
Will you be my candy shop
Life is fully in your heart

Rekkalochchinattu vundhi kaallaki...nenu reppelaina veyyalenu andhukhe
Wings emerged from my feet...I do not want to blink

Hey yendhuke yendhuke...ninnu pondhi nandhuke...nuvvu chethikandhinandhukhe
Why do I feel like this? It’s coz of are mine finally

Rangu pusi nattu vundhi gaalikhe...naa swasa lona nuvvu cherinandhukhe
Breeze is splashed with colors as you blended into my breath

I wish I could be with you
For longer longer life along
Don’t just leave me...I’m alone all alone

|| O addhamalle||

|| Gala gala ||

Ye got a phone calling your mama
You got a beautiful daughter
Let me take you on a ride to the paradise
Girl you look like wine with chilled ice
You better tell me now
You gotta move it now
You better bring me to the love I want to live now

Nuvvante pitchchi prema le
I am madly in love with you

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