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Sunday, 25 May 2014

Chinni Chinni Aasalu Song Lyrics Translation From Manam

Movie: Manam
Music: Anoop Rubens
Lyrics: Chandrabose
Singers: Shreya Goshal, Aswin, Hari


Chinni Chinni Aashalu SOng Meaning In English

Oh chinni chinni chinni chinni chinni asalu nalo ragene
Sweet little desires are soaring inside me

Chiru chiru chiru chiru chiru chindulu manase vesene
My soul is dancing with joy

Chitti chitti chitti chitti chitti uhalu yedalo oogene
Cute little thoughts are swinging in my heart

Em Cheyano ||3||
What can I do about this?

Tholi chupu nee paine...Tholi paluku neethone...Tholi adugu neekai sagene
My first glance is towards  you...My first word is shared with you...My first step moving is only for you

Tholi prema nuvvele...Thudi varaku neethone...Ee mata nalo dagene
You are my first love...I will be with you till my last breath...I did not let out all these feelings till now

|| Chinni chinni asalu ||

 I Love You ||3||


Ila ivvu
Give it to me

Oh prematho vachane...Snehame gelichane...Snehamu prema rendu nave
I approached you with love... and won your friendship...your friendship and love are both mine

Oh velugutho vachane...Needala marane...Velugu needallo thodu neeve
I came to you with a radiant glow...and turned into your are my companion in day light and even in the evening shade

Gundelo neevalle savvade perigene...Gunde thadi nuvvayyavule
You doubled the rate of my heart beats...and turned into the soul of my heart

|| Chinni chinni asalu ||

Neestamai vachave...pusthilai nilichave...Bahumathichave jeevithanne
You came to me as a friend...and turned in to my soul gifted me with a life

Iddarai unname...okkarai odigame...Mugguraipoye muddulone
We are together as ‘two’...merged in to ‘one’ and emerged into ‘three’ with our love

Premane panchave...papala chusave...mana prema papayindile
You endowed love up on me and caressed me like a baby...our love bloomed as our baby

|| Chinni chinni asalu ||

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