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Saturday, 12 April 2014

Title Song Lyrics Translation From Race Gurram

Movie : Race Gurram
Music, Lyrics : SS Thamman
Singers : Usha Uthup, M.M Manasi, M.M Moisha

Race Gurram Title Song Meaning In English

Race gurram
He is a racing horse

Hey dummu repe operation
A  powerful operation that creates a havoc

Dhammu aape massu action
An action that makes us hold our breath

Dhimma rege naatu faction
A mind blowing wild faction

Race gurram
Is what our racing horse is

Dhoosukelle bullet session
A  darting bullet session

Sound leni mind vision
A  silent mind vision

Bend theese bond fiction
A  fiction of  James Bond that crackles the bones

Race gurram
Is what our racing horse is

Veedu ventade vetade back weapon
He is a back weapon that hunts and haunts

Veedu bhukampam puttiche bomb siren
He is a bomb siren that can trigger an earth quake

|| Race gurram || 12||

|| Hey dummu ||

|| Race gurram ||

Hey chichchu pette shock button
A shock button that can ignite a fire

Rechchi kotte spark gutton
A rebellious spark gutton

Danchchi kotte fight slogan
A fight slogan full of vigor

 Race gurram
Is what our racing horse is

Dega kalle dare u design
His hawk like eyes are the design of daring

Puvvu theese kevvu session
An incredible flowering session

Guess leni force mission
A mission full of force that would leave you without a guess

Race gurram
Is what our racing horse is

Veedu kaalanne shashinche shivudi weapon
He is Lord Siva’s weapon which rules over the time

Veedu andhale choosese valu siren
He is a youthful siren that watches deeply the beauty around

|| Race gurram ||

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