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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Naalone Pongenu Narmada Song Translation From Surya S/O Krishnan

Movie : Surya S/O Krishnan
Music : Harris Jayraj
Lyrics : Veturi
Singer : Harish Ragavendra

 Nalone Pongenu Narmada Song Meaning In English

Naalone Pongenu Narmada
Sparkling River Narmada is flowing inside me

Neelallo Murisina Taamara
On the surface of that water...a lotus is floating with delight

Anthatlo Maarenu Ruthuvulaaa, Pilla Nee Valla
I feel the transitions of the seasons...O are the reason for all these

Neetho Pongey Velluva
With you...the river currents are overflowing

 Nillallo Eedhina Taaraka
A twinkling star is swimming in that stream of water

Bangaaru Puvvula Kaanukaaa, Perele Kaanchanaaa
This is a glittering gift of golden flowers for her...Her name is Kanchana

Oh Shanthi ,Shanthi, Oh Shanthi, Naapranam Sarvam Neevele
With the peace are my life...and my everything

Naa Swaase Neeve Dhochaave, Cheli Nene Neevu Ayyane
My breath has turned into a possession of yours...My dear...I have become you

|| Naalone Pongenu ||

Edho Okati Nannu kalachi, Mukku Chivara Marmamokati
Something is troubling me...a secret close to me

Kallakapatam Karigi Poye, Bosi Navve Bogamella
It has revealed itself by melting down the is your innocent smile

Nuvvu Niliche Chotedho, Velayentha Palikeno
The place you stand would gain priceless value

Nuvvu Nadiche Baatantha, Manchalle Ayyenu
The path you walk by would turn into a path of snow

Naathoti Raa Intivaraku, Naa Ille Choosi Nannu Mechu
Accompany me to my would appreciate me after taking a look around my home

Eeme Evaro Evaro Teliyakane, Aa Venekey Needai Povadhey
Without knowing who she not follow her like her shadow

Idhi Kalayo Nijamo Emi Maayo, Naa Manase Neeku Vasamaaye
This may be a dream...reality or just an illusion...but my heart has rendered itself to you

|| Naalone Pongenu ||

Kanti Nidre, Dochukellav, Aasalanni Jalli Vellavu
You have stolen the sleep off my eyes...sprinkling desires over me

Ninnu Daati Pothu Vunte, Veeche Gaali Disalu Maaru
Moving ahead of you...the gliding breeze would change its direction

Aagantu Neevante, Naakaalle Aagene
When you want me to feet would not take any further step

Nee Thallo Poolanni, Vati Paadavu Ye Naadu
The flowers decked in your hair would not wither any day

Kougilintey Koraledhu, Korithe Kogili Kaadhu
I never wished for a hug

Naa Jeevana, Sarvam Neethone
My life and My world is with you

Nanu Thalache Nimisham Idhi Yene
This is the minute that is bothering me

Nuvvu Levu Levu Anukunte, Naa Hrudhayam Tattu Koledhey
If I accept that you do not exist...My heart would not tolerate

|| Naalone Pongenu ||


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