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Saturday, 19 April 2014

Naalo Nelena Song Lyrics Translation From Baanam

Movie: Baanam
Music: Manisharma
Lyrics: Ramajogayya Sastry
Singers: Hemachandra, Saindhavi

Nalo Nelena Song Meaning In English

Naalo Nelena, Edo Annana
Am I with myself?...did I say something?

Naatho Ne Leni Mai Marapuna
Am I a delusion where I am not with myself?

Emo Annanemo...Nuvu Vinavemo
I might have said might have heard what I have said

Vinna Maata Edo Ninnu Adagana
I would like to ask what you have heard

|| Naalo Nenena ||

Ala Saagipotunna Naalona...Edenti Ila Kotha Aalochana
As I was living this unusual thought has emerged

Manase Naadi...Maate Needi...Edi Emi Maayo
This heart is mine...but the words it is expressing are yours...seem like some magic is around

|| Naalo Nenena ||

Avunu Kadu Thadabatuni...Antho Into Gadi Datani
Let the hesitation of “yes” or “no” cross over the boundaries

Vidi Vidiponi Paradaani...Palukai Raani Praanani
Let the veil between us disappear...let the life come to us in words

Yeda Antha Padaalona Palikena
My heart is expressing itself in words

Na Mouname Prema Aalapana
My silence the melody of love

||Manasee Naadi||

|| Naalo Nenena ||

Daivam Varamai Dorikindani...Nalo Sagamai Kalisindani
The divinity has endowed itself in the form of a formed into the other half of me

Melakuva Kaani Hrudayaani, Chiguraiponi Sisiraanni
The Let My heart awake...let the snow blossom

Neetho Chelimi Chestunna Nimishaalu...Nooreluga Yedigi Poyayi Ila
The moments in your companionship are nurtured into hundreds of years we are going to spend

Maname Sakshyam, Mate Mantram, Preme Bandham
We are the witness...our words are the divine is the bond between us

|| Naalo Nenena ||


  1. Thanks a lot. Can you please translate the second stanza of the song too?

  2. Thanks a lot :D


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