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Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Sweety Song Lyrics Translation From Race Gurram

Movie : Race Gurram
Music : S S Thamman
Lyrics : Varikuppala Yadagiri
Singers : Sidharth Mahadevan, Rabbit Mac

Sweety Song Meaning In English

Check I am a south Indian
I am gonna tell you about a girl who is pretty
O o her name is spandhana
She got beautiful eyes and she is witty
Over all that she is gonna be my sweety sweety

O my sweety o my sweety sweety

Hey zindagini jolly ga neeku nachchinattuga neeti laaga saagiponi
Live  your life you wish...let it flow like a stream of water

Hey voohalona thelani vuppennale pongani gaali laaga vooregani
Let it fly in your dreams...surge like a torrent...and glide like a breeze

Hey vesukunna maskni...theesikottu nela ni...chudu nenu original ni
Discard the mask of your face...and look...I am original

Class lona mass ni...mass lona class ni...mix chesthe beauty honey’s a beauty when you mix class and mass

O my sweety koncham maata vinave...sweety koncham dhaari thappave...sweety koncham kopaginchave
My Sweety...listen to me...deviate from your path once...try get angry

Life stylu marchchave...nee batchchu marchave
Change your life style...change the batch you hang out with

Life chala chala shortuve...every secone enjoy cheyyaave
Life is very short...enjoy every second of it

Entho nuvvu fight cheyyave...ninnu nuvvu galavave...koncham freedom pondhave
Fight at your yourself...gain some freedom

||Life ye chala ||

Chalu chaale chalaki whitu naatu thupaki...paaripothaare lokamantha ninnu chusi
Enough my playful white would run for its life

Konacham eelesi chudu...peddha kekesi chudu...nannu thittaina okkasari thitti chudu
Blow a whistle...yell loudly...scold me once and see

Inkha neelo heart yentha night smooth sound
Your heart is like a night...smooth and sound

||Sweety... O my sweety ||

||Life ye chala ||

Break break break break it all
Common break it down here
Yahh break break break break it all
I was like I found the girl of my mind
What makes you not to get my back behind
In my heart you are the baby angel if you find
And i don’t want to waste my time drawing life a line
O my sweety the way you talk make me higher
Heart melts down in a go thaka thayya
Don’t get faded no no i am not a player
Open your heart girl i want to stay here

Girl you are my freedom ||2||  Open up ||2||

|| O my sweety ||

||Life ye chala ||

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