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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Neelakasamlo Song Lyrics Translation From Sukumarudu

Movie : Sukumarudu
Music : Anoop Rubens
Lyrics : Sri Mani
Singer : Shreya Goshal

Neelakashamlo Song Meaning In English

O...Neelakashamlo merise chandrudive
Rivvuna neluku jaari naakai vacchave
You are the gleaming moon of the far away blue skies
You have glided down towards earth for me

O...Ponge nadila nanne marchave
Chinni gundellona alajadi repave
You have turned me into a flowing river
And created a turbulence in my little heart

Hey ukkiri bikkiri ayya nee oohala jadilo
Chekkili ginthalu modalaaye ika naa odi lo
I am strangled in the maze of your thoughts
A sense of tickling has started all over me

Neevalle neevalle raa sukumaara
Ee maaye neevalle raa
Edo ayyindi ee vela innallu ledila
For all this...the reason is compassionate one
You are the reason for this magic
Something has happened to me now...which I never felt before

Ha...Saradaakaina ye aadapillaina...Ninnu choosthunte undagaladaa
Hey ninne daachesi levu pommanta
Neeke ninne ivvanantaa
No girl can restrain herself after looking at you
I would hide you...asking them to leave
I would not even give yourself to you

Are ninne thaakindani gaali thoti roju godavenanta
Ninnu nuvvaina naalaaga premincha levanta
I fight with the breeze daily for touching you
You cannot love yourself more than I do

|| O...Neelakashamlo ||

O...Rahadaarullo poolu pooyistha...Naa darantu vasthanante
 Maharaanalle nannu choopistha...Naapai kanne vesthanante
I would spread a path of flowers if you come my way
I would deck myself as a queen...if you are ready to look at me

Are ento kshanamaina ninnu choodakunte aagadu praanam
Ila nuvvante padi chacche nenante naakistam
My soul would be troubled if it misses a glance of you even for a second
I love my self which is dying for you so much

|| O...Neelakashamlo ||

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