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Sunday, 2 March 2014

Beautiful Girl Song Lyrics Translation From Life Is Beautiful

Movie : Life Is Beautiful
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Karthik

Beautiful Girl Song Meaning In English

Beautiful Smile...Beautiful face
Beautiful eyes...nothing but grace
Beautiful woman...looking amazed
What is your name what is your name

Emundo navve kannullo
What is hidden in those smiling eyes

Emundo aa pedavanchullo
What is hidden behind those lovely lips

Emundo laage vompullo
What is hidden in those alluring curves?

Emundo ee ammayillo
What is so special about this girl

Emavuthundo emo inthandam chusthunte
What would happen to me looking at such a beauty?

Vaaristhunna vintundha vayase na maate
Would my tender age listen to me in spite my warning

Thappedaina jarige veelundhe nee vennante unte
When I am with you...there is every possibility for something to go wrong with me

 || Beautiful Smile  ||

|| Emundo ||

Yedane urike choopu andam
Those glances that sting my heart...are beautiful

Alake andam
Beautiful is her sweet anger

Manase thelipe maatandam
Those words that reveal what’s hidden in her heart...are beautiful

Pratidi andam
Everything about her is beautiful

Jagame kanani andam
She is a beauty that world hasn’t witnessed before

Thana jathalo chelime anandam
With her...this relationship feels blessed

|| Emundo ||

Merupai kadile menani andam
The way she moves like a spark of light is beautiful

Nadake andam
The way she walks is beautiful

Nalige nadume oo andam
Her sensuous waistline is beautiful

Paluke andam
Every word she speaks is beautiful

Maaguve andam kaada
A lady by nature is beautiful...isn't so?

Madi thanake vasamai podaa
Wouldn't my heart crave to be with her

|| Emavuthundo emo ||


  1. As being Marathi Telugu is unable to understand though listening it feels pleasure and some telugu songs works for me as antivirus and junk remover for my minds. I AM A HARDCORE MARATHI MAN LOVING TELUGU.


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