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Saturday, 29 March 2014

Apudo Ipudo Song Lyrics Translation From Bommarillu

Movie : Bommarillu
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Singer : Sidharth


Apudo Ipudo Song Meaning In English

Apudo ipudo yepudo kalagannane cheli
Maybe a while ago...maybe now...or some time from now...I dreamt of you

Akado ikado yekado manasichane mari
Maybe there...maybe here...somewhere from here...I have bestowed you my heart

Kalavo alavo valavo naa oohala hasini
Are you my dream? Tide of love? Or a sweet girl of fantasy

Madilo kalala medile naa kalala suhasini
You glide like a dream in my dream girl

Yevaremanukunna naa manasandhe nuvve nenani
Ignoring others opinion...My heart says I am nothing but you

|| Apudo ipudo ||

Teepikanna enka tiyanaina tene edi ante ventane nee perani antane
What is it that is sweeter than honey?...without a second thought I would say it’s your name

Hai kanna ento haidaina chote emitante nuvvu velle darani antane
Where is the place that is pleasant than the peaceful? I would say it’s the path you walk

Neelala akasam naa neelam yedante nee valu kallallo vundani antane
When the blue sky asks where that blue color is hidden...I would say it’s treasured in your beautiful eyes

||Apudo ipudo ||

Nannu nene chala tittukunta neeto sutiga ee matalevi cheppaka potunte
I would curse myself if I am not able to frankly express any of these feelings

Nannu nene baaga mechchukunta yedo chinna matte nuvvu natho maatadavante
I would praise myself if you let out little words for me

Natoone nennuta neetoode nakunte...yededoo ipoota nee jatha lekunte
I would be with myself if you are with me...without you nothing goes right with me

|| Apudo ipudo ||

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