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Monday, 31 March 2014

Andamgaalena Song Lyrics Translation From Godavari

Movie : Godavari
Music : K.M Radha Krishnan
Lyrics : Veturi
Singer : Sunitha

Andamga Lena Song Meaning In English

Andamgaa lena...Asalem baalenaa
Am I not beautiful? Not at all?

Anta level entoi neeku hm?
Why do you show me so much attitude?

Andamga lenaa...asalem idu jodu kanana ||2||
Am I not beautiful? Not at all?? Am I not a right match to you?

Alusaipoyana asalemikana veshalu challe pommana
Don’t you take me seriously? Am I not anyone to you? Does that mean “stop your acts now and leave?”

|| Andamga ||

Kanulu kalapavaye...manasu telupavaye
You do not look into my do not express your heart

Pedavi kadapavaye matavarasake
You are not moving your lips even for a casual talk

Kaliki chilakanaye kulaka niduraraye
I am a sweet lady unable to sleep with your thoughts

Maravaleka ninne madhanapaditine
Unable to forget you...I am worrying

Uttuttiga chusi udikinchavelaa
With your glances you are troubling me

Nuvvocchi adagali annattu ne bettu chesanu innalluga

All this time I want you to approach me and ask

|| Andamga ||

Niku manasu iccha icchinappude naccha
I bestowed my heart to liked me at that moment

Kanula kaburu teccha telusu neeku ave
I bought you the gossips of my know all of them

Telugu adapaduchu telupaledu manasu
I am woman of telugu culture...I hesitate to reveal my heart

Mahaa teliyanttu natanalela niku
You are acting if you don’t know what I am trying to say

Vennello godari tinnello nannu
In this moonlight...on the banks of river Godavari

Taragalle nuragalle enadu takesi tadipesi polevuga
You cannot leave me by caressing like the foamed water of the river

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