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Friday, 14 March 2014

Aerere Arere Song Lyrics Translation From Happy Days

 Movie : Happy Days
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Karthik

Arerey Arerey Song Meaning In English

Neekosam digirana...neneavaro marichana
I would come any extent for you...not forgetting my purpose

Needalle kadilana...neevale karigana
Moving as your shadow...I am slowly melting for you

Naakosaam nenaina...manasanta nuvena
For me...all my heart is filled with you

Premante intena...kadana vithena
Is this called love? It is a wonder even if not accepted

Arey rey arey rey...manase jare
My heart drifted away...I lost control over it

Arey rey arey rey...varase mare
There is apparent change in my behavior

Idi varakepudu lede...idi naa manase kade
I never felt this way heart was never like this before

Eavaremanna vinade...thandaredho thanadhe
My heart is not heeding to anyone’s is behaving in its own way

Antha neemaayalone...roju nee naamasmarame...prema e vinthalani nee valanee ||2 ||
I am totally immersed in your magic...I am chanting your name all day long are the reason for all these wonderful things happening to me

Shename ra...jivitham anukonna...ajmeraa aasale kalugonna
I believed friendship is life...I have realized my dreams today

Malupulu enyina...mudipadi pothuna
With every turn...I am only getting closer to you

Ika secenukeni nimishalo...anukontu roju gadaplala
I spend every day counting the seconds for the time to be with you

Madi korukonna madhubala...chale nee gola
You are what my heart desired...My lady...give a break to your naughty acts now

|| Aantha neemaayalone ||

Chinni navve chaitramai pusthunthe
As the cute smile of yours is blossoming spring season

Chanthachere chitrame chusthuna
I am looking at you with awe

Chita pata chinukullo...thadhisina merupamma
You are a twinkling spark drenched in rain drops

Teluginti loni thoranama...kanugonti gunde kalavarama
You are a lovely festoon of our are the discovered wish of my heart

Aalavatu leni paravasama varama...hai rama
This is the excitement I have never experienced before...a blessing...thank you god! J

|| Arey rey ||


  1. Hey, thanks a lot for accepting my request. Beautiful song! :)

  2. I spending every day counting the seconds for the time to be with you: I think there are some grammatical mistakes here, verify.
    Best site for translation. :)

  3. best Telugu song I've ever heard..every tone, its background music explain its lyrics own..:)


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