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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Pilla Chao Song Lyrics Translation From Businessman

Movie : Businessman
Music : Thaman. S
Lyrics : Bhaskarabhatla
Singer : Rahul Nambiar

Pilla Chao Song Meaning In English

 *Chao/Ciao in Italian means 'goodbye' *
 *Chao can also mean 'die' in telugu*

Pilla...chao ve...I love you ante chi kotti pothav...O pilla chao pilla chao pilla chao chao chao
O my girl...good bye...when I say ‘I love you’ leave taunting me...good bye

Tere liye picchekki poye...Nanitta vadhili pothava (2)
I have gone crazy for you...would you go leaving me this way?

Manchodne kada? nenacchaledha?..O pilla chao pilla chao pilla chao chao chao
Didn’t you find me good? Don’t you like me?..O my girl...good bye... good bye

Mere liye O supusude...entantha kopam naa meedha(2)
Look at me once...why are you so angry with me?

Pilla...chao ve
O girl...goodbye

Chupulne eraga vesi chepalle pattesav
You caught me like a fish with your ravishing glances as bait

Oorinche vaiyaram tho udumalle chuttesav
With your alluring embraced me firmly

Husky ga navve navvi wishky la ekkesav
With your husky give me the thrill of whisky

Na dillo mancham vesi darjjaga bojjunnav
You laid a bed in my heart and slept happily

Naakuda theliyakunda na manase kottesav
Without my have stolen my heart

Kabatte pilla entho muddocchav
That is why I find you really adorable

||Tere liye  picchekki poye ||

|| I love you ante ||

O pilla nimida why did i go diwana
Why don't you go to hell...ja ja na thu marjana
Thune is dil ko thoda...jab tak mein anjana
Dil...meri zindagi mein thu kabhi na aana

Nee andham railengine tho naa manasunee thokkinchav
With your beauty as railway have crushed my heart

Nannitta bhuchakramla nee chuttu thippinchav
You are making me go around you like a wheel

Nadumatta itta thippi nannu borla padagottav
You made me fall in love with you by swaying your sensuous waistline

Dhuppattlo dhomai dhoori nidarane chadagottav
Your are disturbing my sleep like a mosquito under my blanket

Naa dharinne pothunte nuvvendhukanipinchav
When I am going in my way...why did you appear before me?

Naa dhikku mukku nuvve anipinchav
You made me feel that your are everything to me

|| Mere liye O supusude ||

|| I love you ante ||

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