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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Na Chirunama Song Lyrics Translation From Neeku Nenu Naku Nuvvu

Movie : Neenu Nenu Naku Nuvvu
Singers : Rajesh, Chithra
Lyrics : Peddada Murthy
Music : RP Patnayak

Na Chirunama Song Meaning In English

** When love gets naughtier... it’s always a ‘No’ for a ‘Yes’’s hard to convince that she loves you :p **

Na hrudayana koluvainda
Your heart is where I live

Avuna emo
Is it so? May be!

Na chirunavve ni pedavullo velugainda
My smile has become a glow on your lips

Avuna emo
Is it so? May be!

Ni gundello nindana...gorintalle pandana
I am filled in your heart...spreading joy

Nijamo kado nake teladu ga
I do not know if it’s true or not

Ni kallalo kalalalle ralena
Am I not present in your eyes?...can’t I reach you in your dreams?

Kalavo levo vethike cheputha ga
I will find out and let you know if you are my dream or not

|| Na chirunama ||

Madhuvolike siripedavullo nuvudachina peru naadega
In your precious honey lips, the name you have treasured is mine...isn’t it so?

Undanuko adhi nijamaithe mari mataga maradaaa
Take it as a yes...If that is true, your name would turn into a word and be spelled out

Buggalo kurra siggulo errabothe nenu kaana
If your cheeks blush...isn’t that due to me?

Avunano inka kadano ardamaithe cheppalena
If I know that..I would be able to tell you

Nimansante mamathantha naadega
I am filled in your heart...all your love is mine

Inka nake teliyani sangathiga
Oh..I even do not this know yet

|| Na chirunama ||

Adugadugu ni prathipanilo oohinchina todu nenega
In your every step...every task...the one you wish to be with is me

Ni oohe nakochinda gurutheppudu ledugaa
I never thought about you...I don’t even remember doing so

Chatuga poota pootaga vethikede nannu kaada
The one you constantly look for secretly is not me?

Kadule ledu ledule apavaada kanne veena is not you...don’t you believe me?

Kadantunte avunani le...ledanutunte vundanile
 I got it now!...when you say a ‘No’’s actually a ‘Yes’...when you deny...that means it’s actually true

Emo emo emo emole eeee
May be...I don’t know

|| Na chirunama ||

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