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Saturday, 8 February 2014

Jagamantha Kutumbam Song Lyrics Translation From Chakram

Movie :  Chakram
Music : Chakri
Lyrics : Srinivennela Sitaramasastry
Singer : Sri

Jagamantha Kutumbam Song Meaning In English

Jagamantha kutumbam naadi, ekaki jeevitham naadi
Samsara saagaram naade, sanyasam shunyam naade  || 2 ||
Family, as large as this world is of a lonely soul is also mine
An ocean of relationships is mine...and the course of renunciation and emptiness is also mine

Kavinai, kavithanai, bharyanai, bharthanai || 2 ||
I am the poet...also the poem...wife...also the husband

Mallela darilo, manchu edarilo || 2 ||
Panniti jaya gitala, kanniti jalapatala
Nato nenu anugamistu, naato nene ramistu
Amidst the path of flowers...also amidst the path of a cold desert
During the songs of victory...also during the cascade of tears
I am walking with myself...I am sharing this joy with myself

Ontarinai anavaratham, kantunnanu nirantharam
Kalalni, kathalni, maatalni, paatalni...rangulni, ranga vallulni, kaavya kanyalni, aada pillalni
Being solitary...I am  constantly observing the duality of life and many more of poetry...lovely ladies

|| Jagamantha ||

Mintiki kantini nenai...kantanu mantanu nenai || 2 ||
Mantala maatuna vennela nenai...vennela poothala mantanu nenei
I am the vision for the soul...also the burning desire of it
I am the coolness behind that fire...and also the heat covered with moonlight

Ravi nai shashi nai divamai nishinai
Naa to nenu sahagamistu...Naa to nene ramistuu
I am the sun...also the moon...I am the day...also the night
I am walking with myself...I am sharing this joy with myself

Ontarinai prati nimisham kantunnanu nirantharam
Kiranalni...kiranala harinalni...harinaala
charanalni charanala Chalanana kanarani
Gamyala kaalanni Indrajalanni
Being solitary...Every minute I am  constantly observing the beauty of life
Sun rays...the rays symbolizing the deer...hoofs of that deer...the motion of those hoofs...the passage of time to the unknown destiny...the magic of life

|| Jagamantha ||

Gali pallakilo tarali naa pata papa uregi vedale
Gontu vakili musi marali tanu mugapoina naa gunde migile
In the palanquin of the song is gliding in a procession
Forbidding the speech of my heart is left alone...silencing itself

Naa hrudayame naa logili naa hrudayame naa pataki talli
Naa hrudayame naaku aali Naa hrudayamlo idi cinivali
My heart is my heart is the inspiration (mother) of my song
My heart is my partner for life...My heart is the mother nature I exist in

|| Jagamantha ||

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