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Saturday, 1 February 2014

Aadinchi Ashta Chemma Song Lyrics Translation from Ashta Chemma

Movie : Ashta Chemma
Music : Kaylani Malik
Lyrics : Sirivennala
Singer : Sri Krishna

Aadinchi Ashta Chemma Song Meaning In English 

Aadinchi ashta chemma odinchavamma...nee panta pandinde prema
Playing a board game with defeated won O love

Nijanga neggadam ante isthamga odatam anthe
The real victory is in willfully losing with the dear ones

Aa maate ante ee chinnari nammadentamma
When I say so...why doesn’t this sweet girl believe me?

|| Nijanga neggadam ||

|| Aadinchi ashta chemma ||

Oorantha munchesthu hungama chesthavente gangamma
Why do you make everything sound fun?

Ghoramga nindisthu ee panthalenduku challe mangamma
I feel you should stop being so head strong and stop taunting me

Choosaka ninnu vesaka kannu venakkelaga theesukonu
As I saw you... I felt that you are my love... I can’t take that back now

Em cheppukonu etu thappukonu nuvvoddanna nenoppukonu
How can I convince you? Where can I go? I can’t accept your denial

Nuvvese gavvalatalo melese galla batalo...needaka nannu rappinchindi nuvvelevamma
In this game of dice...crossing over the made me come to you

|| Nijanga neggadam ||

Na neram emunde em cheppindo nee thallo jejamma
What’s wrong with me? What did the little devil inside your head whisper to you?

Mandaram ayyindi a rosham thaki jallo jajamma
With the tinge of your anger...the jasmine in your plait turned into hibiscus

Puvvanti roopam naajugga gilli kevvandi gunde ninnadaka
You are pricking my heart like a sweet flower

Mullanti kopam ollantha alli navvindi nedu agaleka
Your sharp anger is weaving around me...making me smile

Mannisthe thappem ledamma
There is no wrong in forgiving me

Maree ee maaram maanamma
Let go of your anger

Ee lavadevi lemi antha kothem kadamma
All this is not new to us

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