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Monday, 27 January 2014

Paruvapu Vaana Song Lyrics Translation From Bheema

Movie : Bheema
Music : Harris Jayraj
Singers : Prasanna, Hariharan, Mahathi

Paruvapu Vaana Kurisele Meaning In English

Mudhal Muzai (Tamil)

Paruvapu vaana kurisele
The lovable rain is pouring down

Paruvamu velli virisele
Spirit of youngness is spread

Pere erugani pakshi pilichele manasu egisele
The birds are calling out our name...My soul is flying high in the sky

Hrudayamu hoy musiga murisele
My heart is silently beaming with joy

|| Paruvapu vaana ||

Kalalo nuvve naku kanipinchaga naa kalle ninu bhandinchese
As you appeared in my eyes held you closely...not letting you go

Nee swasane nanu sparsinchaga neevunna chote naku thelise
As your breath touched me... I sensed where you were

Thelisi theliyani kotha kavitha ardam motham nedu thelise
I am able to comprehend even an indefinite composition

Chejaripoyina godugai gaalullona thanuvu egise
Like an umbrella that is gliding in the soul soared into the sky

Vaana gaalullona thanuvu egise
It soared into the rainy  skies

|| Paruvapu vaana ||

Erojaithe nuvvu kanipinchavo aroje jeevithame vyardham
The day I miss a glimpse of you...that day of my life is not worth living

Erojaithe nuvvu kanipisthavo aroju chaladaye samayam
The day I catch a glimpse of you...time would fall short to spend with you

Reyi pagalu oka maikam repindi edalo thapam
Day and night are just delusions...they are causing a sense of longing in me

Gundello theeyani sneham vidiponi anuraga bandham
My heart treasures our sweet companionship and our imperishable bond of affection

Idi enadu veedani bandham
This bond is never going to be broken

|| Pere erugani pakshi || 

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