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Sunday, 19 January 2014

Nuvvante Naku Song Lyrics Translation From Heart Attack

Movie : Heart Attack
Music : Anoop Rubens
Singer : Jessi Gift, Megha Raj, Rahul, Chorus
Lyrics : Bhaskarbatla

Nuvvante Naku Chala Chala Song Meaning In English

Hello...O girlo
Hello girlo
Kiss me on my lips
Oh yeah!
Nuvvante naaku chala chala chala ishtame
I like you very much!

Adi maatallona cheppaleka mudhe adigane...o yeah! (2)
I cannot express it in words and that's why I’ve asked for a kiss

Nenachithe evvochuga...ledantene maanochuga
If you like me...give me one...if not let it go

Anthegaani andarlonu...chempa meeda laagi kodathava
But, why did you me slap me in front of everyone!

||Nuvvante ||

Ey...Chiraagga untunadante...Paragga anipisthundante
When you are irritated...frustated

Sarigga thagalalsindi lip to lip kiss eh
All you need is a Lip to Lip kiss!

Manasse thadabadipothunte...Vayasse vela velabothunte
When your heart feels confused...when your age feels alone

Telussa kavalsindi masaala kiss eh
All you need is a Masala kiss

Single unte ettuntade...Engili padithe baguntade
 It's not good being single...share a kiss with will feel better

Artham ayinaa...kaanattuga...LKG faceu pedathava
Even though you understand what I’m are acting innocent like a LKG kid

||Nuvvante ||

Oh pedhallo yentram untadhe...adedo aathram untaade
There's a machine inside our lips...It's very impatient!

Ennenno mudhulanaina acche vesthaade
It can print any number of kisses

Idedo baane undantu...amaantham neeku anipisthe...osari practice cheesy alavaataypodde
If you also feel good about all this...start practicing you will get used to it

Sim eh leni cell enduke...chumma leni janmenduke
What is the use of a cell phone without a sim card in it? Smimilarly...what is the purpose of life without a kiss?

Nee manchike cheputhunnane...just for test me test me thondaraga
I’m telling you all this for your own good...experience the feel of a kiss..test it with!

||Nuvvante ||

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