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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Mee Intiki Mundhu Song Lyrics Translation From Julayi

Movie : Julai
Music : Devisri Prasad
Lyrics : Sri Mani
Singer : Sagar, Ranina Reddy

Mi Intiki Mundu Song Meaning In English

Mee intiki mundho gate uu...adhi dookalante doubtu
I am in a doubt to jump over the gate in front of your house

Mee road lo yelagadhu lightuu...naakasale theliyani chotu
The street light at your place does not glow...I do not know this place

Aa getuki mundho doggu...adhi andhe babu aagu
There is a dog at the warned me to stop

Dhaani notlo enno pallu...adhi choosthe vanikenu vollu
The enormous teeth of your dog is frightening me

Mee intiki mundho beggar...aadontiki chillula nikker
There is also a beggar in front of your home...he is in rags

Aadi kantiki nenoka joker laaga kanipisthunnane
I am appearing like a joker to him

Nuvvu melkoni balcony godani dhookesthe
If you can wake up and jump over the balcony wall

Theesedham thessedham prema thaata theesedham
Let’s get into love

Chesedham chesedham pelli pandaga chesedham
Let’s celebrate our marriage

|| Theesedham ||

Hey koti lo undho coffee house...cappuccino ki adhi famous
There is a coffee house in koti (an area in Hyderabad) is famous for cappuccino

Nuragalu kakke coffee cups...thagilayo nee chilly lipsu
If your lips grace those bubbling coffee cups

Tableu kindha chethulu chesthayi entho romanceu
Our hands would entangled in romance under the table

Oye coffee thaagedha nee faceu...nee yedhava idea naaku thelusu
Your face does not even deserve a coffee...I know your stupid idea

Jabbalu dhaachani sleeve lessu...mokallu dhaatani mini skirtsu
You are coming to check out the girls with sleeveless dresses and mini skirts

Aakali nindina nee choopultho entho nuisance
You are causing a nuisance with those hunger filled eyes

Hey atta kaadhe chitti...naako naughty thoughte thatti
You are taking me wrong sweetie...a naughty thought striked me

Andhari mundhara patti neeko french muddhe petti
I want to give you a French kiss in presence of all these people

Naa oopuki shopki top lechipoyela
That will dazzle everyone

|| Theesedham ||

Old city lo undho cinema hallu...akkada aadevanni love storylu
There is a cinema hall in the old city(an area in Hyderabad) always hosts love stories

Popcorn thintoo okato reelu...pavbhaji tho interval
Let’s start watching the movie with popcorn...and have pavbhaji at the interval

Paavugantoko duetu choosthu dhiddhedam prema a-aalu
Watching a duet for every 15 minutes let’s start our love story

Aapara babu kahaaneelu...pettaku naaku chevilo poolu
Stop your silly try to make me a fool

Kaali hallo corner seatu...oke cooldrink rendu strawlu
In the corner seat of the vacant cinema hall...with two straws in a single cool drink

Akkada ikkada chethulu vesthu chesthavenno extralu
You would overact and start fidgeting with me

Hey alla kadhe pilla neetho nene yeghedhella
Hey it’s not going to be that way o can I get along with you?

Allah jesus malla putti ninne namminchaala
Should Allah and Jesus take birth again to convince you?

Naa maatini maatini aataku vachesthe
Listen to me...let’s sing along

|| Theesedham ||

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