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Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Kannullo Ne Roopame Song Lyrics Translation From Ninne Pelladatha

Movie : Ninne Pelladatha
Music : Sandeep Chowtha
Lyrics : Sirivennala
Singers : Jikki,  Sowmya

Kannullo Ne Roopame Song Meaning In English

Kannullo ne roopame...gundello ni dhyaaname
Your image is treasured in my heart is contemplating about you

Naa asa ne snehame....Naa swasa ne kosame
All I wish is your friendship...I am living for you

Aa oosuni telipenduku na basha ee mouname
With my sweet silence...I am conveying you this message

|| Kannullo ne roopame ||     

Madhi dachukunna rahasyanni vethiketi nee choopunapedhela
How can I escape from those eyes of yours which are exploring for the secret that is hidden in my heart?

Nee neeli kannulo padi munakalesthunna naa manasu theledhela
How can I save my heart that is deeply immersed in your blue eyes?

Giligintha pedutunna nee chilipi talapulatho yemo ela vegadam
How can I get along with all those tickling naughty thoughts of yours?

|| Kannullo ne roopame ||     

Adhireti pedhavulni bratimaluthunnanu madhi loni maatedani
I am appealing to the striking lips of yours to express the feeling of your heart

Thala vanchukuni nenu thega yedhuru choosanu nee theguva choodaalani
I was waiting eagerly to see what all you can far you can go tonight

Choostune velantha telavaaripotundho yemo ela aapadam
Seems like the night will turn into day as you wait for can we freeze the time?

|| Kannullo ne roopame ||     


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