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Tuesday, 28 January 2014

I Am Waiting For You Baby Song Lyrics Translation From Oye

Movie : Oye
Music : Yuvan Shankar Raja
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Kay Kay

 I Am Waiting For You Baby Song Meaning In English

Chirunavve navvuthu naa kosam vasthavani
To see you coming for me with a smile

Chigurase reputhu nee premanu thesthavani
Bringing your love with a ray of hope

Ninu vethikaane nanne thaake gallulane aaraathisthu
I am searching for you...asking the breezes that go past by me

Niluchunnane neekai veche thiranne aaradhisthu
I stood thinking about you...admiring the resting seashore

Prathi janma neethone...I am waiting for you baby ||2||
Every life of mine will be with you...I am waiting for you baby

|| Chirunavve ||

Nuvvu nenu yekam ayye premallonaa...ponge pralayam ninnu nannu vanchinchenaa
Would this love which united us...destroy us by deceit?

Puvve mullai kaatesthundhaa...neere nippai kalchesthundhaa
Flower is pricking like a thorn...water is scorching us like fire

Vidhinainaa veleyana ninu gelicheyyanaa
I would outcast our fate to win you

Nee kosam nereekashanaa
I am waiting with a sense of longing for you

|| I am waiting ||

|| Prathi janma||

Premaane oke maate aamelo gathinchindha
Doesn’t the word ‘love’ matter to her anymore?

Veedani bayam yedho gundene tholusthundha
An unknown fear is agonizing my heart

Aa oohee thana madhilo kalathale repenaa
The thought of it is troubling her heart

|| Vidhinainaa veleyana ||

|| I am waiting ||

|| Chirunavve ||

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