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Saturday, 14 December 2013

Yenthentha Dhooram Nannu Song Lyrics Translation From Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu

Movie : Yeto Vellipoindhi Manasu
Music : Illayraja
Lyrics : Ananth Sriram
Singer: Karthik

Ententha Dooram Nannu Song Meaning In English

Yenthentha dooram nannu po po mannaa...anthantha cheruvai neetho unnaa (2)
The more you ask me to stay far from you...the more closer I am getting to you

Yenthaddonnaa enthoddannaa...anthamkaani sonthamainaa
In spite  of your denial...I am all yours...forever

Ne ninnu epudaina rammantaanaa...nenepudaina rammantaanaa ne naanundi ninne ponisthaanaa
I would never ask you to come to me...coz I will never let you go

|| Yenthentha||

Poddunnaithe sooryunnai vasthaa...vechhangaa nidduralepi enno choopisthaa
In the morning I would come to you like a warm sun...I will wake you up and show you the wonders of this world

Sandallona chandrunnai vasthaa...challangaa jo kottesi swargaalandisthaa
During night...I will come to you like a moon...I will let you sleep by holding out the entire heaven for you

Madhyaana daahannai madhya madhya mohannai ventundi ventaaduthaa
I will be your thirst in the noon and a occasional desire...I will be with you and follow you where ever you go

Roju roju rojainaa inthe...needai jaadai thodai neetho vasthaananthe
It will be the same daily...any day...every day...I will be your shadow...your trail...and will accompany you

|| Ne ninnu epudaina ||

|| Yenthentha||

Adhamlonaa nene kanipisthaa...andaala chindullonaa muvvai vinipisthaa
I will be reflected in your mirror...I will be heard in the jingle of your trinkets

Chuttoo undi nene anipisthaa...aakaasam haddullonuvvunnaa aadosthaa
I will make you feel that I am all around you...I would reach you even at the bounds of the clouds

Mabbullo maatesi...vennello vaatesi.. praanaanni muddaaduthaa
Waiting for you in the clouds...hugging you in the moonlight...I would caress your life

Ye janmainaa inthe...pai lokaana inthe...aadi antham anni nene authaa anthe
I will be the same even in my next life...even in the heaven...I will be the everything for you...your beginning and end

|| Ne ninnu epudaina ||

|| Yenthentha||

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