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Thursday, 19 December 2013

Who Are You Song Lyrics Translation From Nenokkadine(One)

Movie : One(Nenokkadine)
Music, Singer : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Chandrabose

Who Are You Song Meaning In English

Ninna nijamai tarumuthunte
If the past follows us as our truth

Nedu gathamai nilichipothe
If today turns into past and remains in the history

Nannu nene aduguthuna...Ninnu kuda adagana
I'm asking my self...should I ask you too?

Who are you...who are you!
Jara dil se jara poocho sala who are you! (2)

Nuvvante ooru kadhu peru kadhu face kadhu
Nuvvante cashu kaadhu marenti?
Nuvvante time kadhu dream kadhu game kadhu
Nuvvante nuvu kadhu marenti
You doesn't signify a place, name or face

You are not money, then what are you?
You doesn't signify time, dream or a game
If you aren't you, then what are you?

Who are you u u u u (4)

|| Who are you || 2 ||

Hey ninu nuvu vethike...columbusu nuvva
Netho nuvu paade chorus nuvva
Ninnu nuvu moose hercules nuvva
Netho nuvu aade chess e nuvva
Are you the Columbus who's searching for yourself?
Are you chorus who sings with himself?
Are you the Hercules who carries himself?
Are you the game of chess who plays with himself?

Aata va?...u u u
Paata va?...u u u
Veta va?...u u u
Vetagadiva?...u u u
Are you the game? song? hunt? or a hunter?

|| Who are you || 2 ||

Nippu puttakamundhe...nelo gunde manta undhe
Neru puttakamundhe...nelo kanneru undhe
Gali peelchakamundhe...shwasallona toofan undhe
Ningi nela udiki ne mundhe prashnayyinde
Even before the fire is've got desire in your heart
Even before the water is found...tears were present in your eyes
Even before you've inhaled air...toofan was present in your breathe
Even land and sky and land have become a question in front of you

Nippuva...u u u
Neeruva ...u u u
Gali va...u u u
Prashnava...u u u
Are the fire? water? air? or the question?

|| Who are you || 2 ||

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