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Thursday, 12 December 2013

Pedave Plaikina Song Lyrics Translation From Naani

Movie : Naani
Music : AR. Rehman
Lyrics : Chandrabose
Singers : Unnikrishnan, Sadhana Sargam

Pedave Palikina Song Meaning In English

Pedave palikina maatallona teeyani maate amma
Mother is the sweetest word uttered by lips

Kadile devatha amma...kantiki velugamma
She is an angel...she is the spark of my eye

Thanalo mamate kalipi peduthundi muddaga
She blends her affection with every morsel of food

Thana laali paataloni sarigama panchhuthundi prema madhurima
She spreads the melody of love with her lullaby


Manaloni pranam amma...Manadaina rupam amma
Mother is the spirit of our life...we are an embodiment of her

Yenaleni jaali guname amma
She is disposition of boundless compassion

Nadipinche deepam amma...karuninche kopam amma
She is the light that leads...and an anger that forgives

Varamiche teepi shapm amma
She is a sweet sin that showers boons

Naa aali ammaga laali paadana kammaga kammaga
My dear wife is soon to be a mother...let me sing a soft lullaby for her


Potthillo edige babu...naa vollo vodige baabu...
Iruvuriki nenu ammavanaa
For the one who is growing inside me...and the one who cuddles in my lap...I shall be  the mother for both of them

Naa kongu kadupuna puttevadu...
Iddariki prema andinchana
For the one who never leaves me and the one who is about to be born...I shall bestow my love on both of them

Naa chinni nannani vadi nannani noorellu saakana challaga challaga
I shall take care of my little one and his dad...all my life

Edigi edagani o pasikuna...muddula kanna jo jo...
Bangaru kanna jo jo bajjo laali jo
Oh innocent cute priceless possession...sleep peacefully

Palike padame venaka kanulaara nidurapoo
Slip in to a deep slumber with the words of the song I sing

Kalaloki nenu cheri...tadupari panchuthanu prema madhuri
Later I will join you in your dreams endow my love

|| Edigi edagani o pasikuna ||

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