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Thursday, 5 December 2013

Nuvvena Song Lyrics Translation From Anand

Movie: Anand
Music: K.M Radha Krsishnan
Lyrics: Veturi
Singer: Shreya Goshal

Nuvvena Song Meaning In English nuvvena
Are you the one?...who is dear to me

Nuvvena...naku nuvvena
Are you the one?...Who is there for me

Suryudalle soodi guchi suprabhatamena
Is this a wakeup call with the warm striking sunrays

Maatalade chuupulanni mounaragamena
Is this a silent melody of all those glances that speak words

Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena (2)
Is it a joy that spreads with closeness and even distances

Is this a wonderful joy?

|| Nuvvena ||

Meghamalle sagi vachi dahamedo penchutavu
Like a cloud, you drifted towards me and intensified my thirst

Neeru gundelona dachi merisi maayamoutavu
Hiding the water in your disappeared like a spark

Are they filled with your dreams...or tears?

Aa...teneteega laga kutti teepi manta reputavu
Stinging me like a honey caused me sweet pain

Puvvulanti gundelona daaramalle daagutavu
like a strand of thread concealed in the tangled bunch of flowers,
you are hidden in my heart ruupena
Is it me?? Or you?

Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena (2)

 || Nuvvena ||

Aa...koyilalle vachi edo kotta paata nerputavu
Like a koyal you make me aware of a new song daily

Kommagontulona gunde kottukunte navvutavu
And you laugh at me when my heart is beating only for you

Ye raagam..idi ye taalam
To which musical note does this belong?

Aa...masaka ennelalle neevu isuka tinne cherutavu
Like a moonlight in the cover of are out of my reach

Gasagasaala kougilanta gusagusalle maarutavu
With a warm hug you turn into a sweet whisper premena
Is this called love?

Cheruvaina duuramaina aanandamena(2)

|| Nuvvena ||

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