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Sunday, 1 December 2013

Ninnu Chudagane Chitti Gunde Song Lyrics Translation From Atharintiki Daaredi

Movie : Atharintiki Daaredi
Music, Lyrics, Singer : Devi Sri Prasad

Ninnu Chudagane Chitti Gunde Song Meaning In English

Ninnu chudagane chitti gunde gattigane kottukunde...ademite
Ninnu chudakunte rendu kallu okati nokari tittukunnave...ademiteeee
As you appeared...My little heart started beating faster
My eyes argue with each other if they miss even a glimpse of you...why is it this way?

|| Ninnu chudagane ||

Emito emi mayo chesinave kanti chuputhoti
You mesmerized me with the magic of your eyes

Emito idemi rogamo antinchinave vonti vuputhoti
Swaying your sensuous made me go crazy

Munche varadala kalche pramidala champave mardala
Like a flood that engulfs and a fire that burns...your are killing me with your looks

|| Ninnu chudagane ||

Hey antha pedda aakasam...antu lenu aa neelam
Nee chepa kalla lothullo yetta nimpave...iragadeesave
How did you capture that immense sky and its limitless  blue color in the depths of your eyes?
You are just awesome!

Bhumilona bangaram dagi undanedi oo satyam
Dani nuvvu bhumi paina trigesthu...itta tirigesthu tiragarasave
It’s true that gold is hidden beneath the earth...but you proved that it is just a fable as glittering gold like you is walking on earth

Hey ala nuvu cheera katti chindulesthe...cheemala ne ventapadana
Naavala nuvu thuluthu nadusthu unte...kapalaki nenu venta rana
If you jump around beautifully in that saree...wouldn’t I follow you like a ant
If you walk around like a sailing ship...I would accompany to safeguard you

Krishna radha la...noppi bhadala...vundam raa mardhalaaa
Let’s live together like a pair of Krishna & radha...hurt & pain...come my dear

|| Ninnu chudagane ||

Attaleni kodalutamuralu olamma
Kodale leni attha gunavanthuralu
Kodala kodala koduku pellama olamma
Pachi paalalona meegadedamma
Aa vedi paalalona venne edammma?
This a bit from old telugu song signifying the bond of a woman and her mother-in-law playfully

Monalisa chitranni geesukodu evadaina
E pala seesa andanni chudane ledu inka em laabam
The one who painted the portrait of Monalisa, did not know about the
adorable beauty of there is nothing great about him

Kohinoor vajranni ettukellinodu rajayina
Dani merupu nelone dagiundandi theliyale papam
Though the one who stole the Kohinoor diamond is a king
He did not realize that the glow of the diamond is you...I pity him

Inthala nuvu puttukosthe nenu matram enthani pogidi padaagalanu
If you are so much can I praise you? I am at loss of words

Telugu bhashalo naku thelisina padalu anni kummarinchi intha rasinanu
I have composed this by showering all the words I know in telugu

Sirivennela mutala veturi paatala muddugunnave mardalaaaa
You are very cute like a bundle of moonlight and a song of Veturi
(Veturi is a renowned lyricist of telugu industry)

|| Ninnu chudagane ||


  1. I always criticise Devi sri prasad, don't know the reason may be because of his rock and pop music and meaningless words, but first time after many years, became fan of DSP only reason this song. which is written by himself and composed and sung by DSP. great dsp we need this kind of songs from you Especially I.

  2. He did some very good such is edo priyaragam from arya...nice music and meaningful lyrics...we have that on this check it out


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