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Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Awww Tuzo Mogh Korta Song Lyrics Translation From One...Nenokkadine

Movie : One (Nenokkadine)
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Singer : Neha Bhasin
Lyrics: Chandrabose

Awww Tuzo Mogh Kortha Song Meaning In English

Hello Rockstar...I'm your angel
Arey O Rockstar...I'm single
Mr. Rockstar avdhaam mingle
Mr. Rockstar, Let’s Mingle

Chal chal Rockstar cheddham Jingle
Let’s go rockstar and jingle along

Okay anara O kalakaaruda
Just say an ‘Okay’...O maestro

One day girl friend ai undi pandaga chesi breakup aipodhaam
I will be your girl friend for a day...let’s have fun and then breakup

Awww tuzo mogh kortha (2)
I love you (Konkani language)

Rockstar nee style ko like kodtha
I like your style rockstar

||Awww tuzo mogh kortha||

Oka ganta beach ku veldhaama...Oka ganta fish padadhaama
Oka ganta coke ku kodadhaam...Keka pedadhaam vacheyra
For an hour each, let’s go to a fishing...have coke together and shout on the top of our voices...come on

Oka ganta disco ku veldhaama...Ardha ganta husku kodadhaama
Paavu ganta picchi padadhaam...chacchi pudadhaam Champeyra
Let’s go to a disco for an hour...have drinks for half an hour
Then let’s go crazy for quarter of an hour...lets live again...kill me now

Zindhagi ni vindhu ga maarchi vandha yellani one day Chesi
Let’s turn this life into a grand feast...and hundreds of years into a day

|| One day girl friend ||

|| Awww tuzo mogh kortha || 

Cheers koduthu Birthday andhaam
Let’s say cheers and call it a birthday

Freak out chesthu friendship day andhaam
Lets freak out and call it a friendship day

Velam verri ga preminchesthu valentines day anukundham
Lets love like crazy and call it a valentine’s day

Sigge vidichi children's day andhaam
Let’s get playful let going our shyness and call it a children’s day

Haddhe dhaati holiday andhaam
Let’s cross the limits and call it a holiday

Kiss u karamaadharam loni nede May day jaripeddham
Let’s celebrate ‘May day’ in the factory of kisses

Anni Nede aipovaali...Aanandham ga vidipovaali
Let’s do all these today! And then lets happily go apart

|| One day girl friend ||

|| Awww tuzo mogh kortha || 

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