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Saturday, 28 December 2013

Ee Velalo Neevu Song Lyrics Translation From Gulabi

Movie : Gulabi
Music : Sashi Preetam
Lyrics : Sirivennala
Singer : Sunitha

Ee velalo Neevu Song Meaning In English

Ee velalo neevu em chestu vuntaavo
What would you be doing at this moment

Anukuntuvuntaanu prathi nimishamu nenu
Is what I keep thinking every second

Naa gunde enaado cheyi jaari poyindi
I have lost the control over my heart

Nee needa ga maari naa vaipu raanandi
It has turned into a shadow of yours and is reluctant to come back to me

Dooraana vuntune em maaya chesaavo
Even though you are far from me...your magic is all over me

|| Ee velalo ||

Nadi reyilo neevu...nidaraina raaneevu
Even when it’s past wouldn’t let me sleep

Gadipedelaa kaalamu(2)
How can I spend the days this way?

Pagalaina kaasepu...pani chesuko neevu
During the wouldn’t let me work on anything

Nee meedane dhyaanamu (2)
My mind is filled with you

Ye vaipu choostunnaa...nee roope thochindi
Where ever I look...I can only see your image

Nuvvu kaaka veredi...kanipinchanantondi
Nothing else seems to appear before me except you

Ee indrajaalanni...neeve ila chesindi
You have done this magic over me

Nee perulo edo...priyamaina kaipundi
There is a feel of ecstasy in your name

Nee maata vintune...em thochaneekundi
As I keep listening to your words...nothing else seems to amuse me

Nee meeda aasedho...nanu nilavaneekundhi
I am being restless with a desire towards you

Mathi poyi nenunte...nuvvu navvukuntav
As I am going crazy with all these are smiling at me

|| Ee velalo || 2 ||

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