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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Nee Choopule Song Lyrics Translation From Endukante Premanta

Movie : Endukante Premanta
Music : G.V Prakash
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Singers : Haricharan, Chitra

Ni Chupule Song Meaning In English

Nee choopule naa vupiri
O sari ila chude cheli
Your glance towards me is the spirit of my life
Look at me dear

Amavasanai unna mari
Andinchave deepavali
I am empty like the dark sky on a new moon day
Fill the light in me with the sparks of diwali

Enduke cheliya reppala valalo vodigina kalala
Kanupapalu vetike repati velugunu chusi chudavela
Like a dream cuddled in the maze of the eyelids
Why do you disregard the ray of hope that my eyes are searching for?

Nayanam hrudayam neeve neevai
Samayam venuke chesa payanam
You are my heart and my vision
I have travelled with time for you

Tadupari janma kaina jaali chuse veelundante
Ee kshanana vupiri apana
If there is slight chance that you would look at me atleast in my next life
I will end this life right away

Rojo kottaga nee sandarshanam
Aaha annadi naa lo spandanam
Daily you appear distinctly new to me
It amuses my heart with pleasure

Nityam nuvvu ila naakai chudatam
Ento vintaga undi ee anubhavam
Constantly as you look out for me
I feel fascinated by all this

Naadi vesavi lo marigistune muripistunde nee challadanam
Yeda mantanata dachestu vennela aindi prema gunam
Your presence is cooling down and scorching me in this midsummer sun
This feeling of love has spread the moon light hiding the agony of my heart

Neekai veche nittoorupule toorupu kani
Nee talapulalo  talamunkavani enno janma lani
Waiting for sigh of longing turns into a direction of hope
Let my lifetime pass away immersing in the thoughts of you

|| Nayanam hrudayam ||

|| Tadupari janma ||

Neeto bandhame  rasindevvaro
Ninne nakila chupindevvaro
Who has destined our relation?
Who has introduced you to me?

Nannee vaipuga  lagindevvaro
Ninne chudaga apindevvaroo
Who drew me towards you?
Who has stopped me looking at you?

Daridapullo padigapullo padi nilicha nee rahadarullo
Toli  velugalle vastale kalise repati poddullo
I was waiting with in your reach all day long
Like a first ray of the sun...I will reach you as we unite in the days yet to come

 || Nee choopule || 


  1. I love this song... Never heard of it but my girlfriend loves it so i love this song too....
    I love her sooo much..
    I love you renuuu....

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  3. the song always take me to next level of joy and bliss...
    for all who loved once and who believe in love ...................

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I don't know the meaning of this song Untill I read this...
    Even when I we're nt aware of d meaning this song brought me tears iin my eyes n a strong feel of love


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