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Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Mr. Perfect Song Lyrics Translation From Arya 2

Movie : Arya 2
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Balaji
Singers : Baba Sehgal, Rita, Devi Sri Prasad

Mr. Perfect Song Meaning In English

This song is written describing the lead role with funny comparisons. It is about a Mr. Perfect who appears to be decent and innocent, but very cunning and clever in real.

Hey tiptop dora kadilindo...yevadiki veedu dorakadulendo
Mudurando...gadusando...todigenu musugando
The super cool gentleman is on his one catch hold of him
He is stubborn...witty too...he will outsmart you

Uppukappurambu nokkalukku nundo...veedi lukku choosi mosapokando
Yedavando badavando...valalopadakando
Salt and camphor look similar though they are different. So don’t fool yourselves by his decent looks, He's wicked and not fall in his trap

Come on come on most cunning...come on come on mast timinguu
Come on come rightlallo wrong...hey yaayi yeyyo
He's most cunning...has a good timing
He does even the right things in the wrong way

Come on come kothalallo king...come on come marchetana rangu
Comeon co me pakka planning...hey yaayi yeyyo
He is a king in bluffing...he is never the same always
His planning is perfect!

Mr.Perfect...perfect..he is  Mr.Perfect...lens yesi vetuku dorakadu ra ye defect (2)
He's Mr. Perfect...though you search with a lens, you can’t find a single defect in him

Veedo peda yedava...e matter naku matram telusu...veedi gurunchi cheppi cheppi nalikanta kandipoye...kani yevvadu nammadu
He's an idiot...only I know one believes it how hard I try to convince them what an idiot he is

Paiga erojulloelontallo e lantivallaku...demand koncham yekkuva..ayina inkosari try chesta...veedi thaata teeta
People like him are on high demand these days...I will try once again to reveal his reality...this time I will see his end

Sorry...nenu good boy la undalanukuntuna...andukane andari mundu kaalachanu.
Sorry...I want to appear as a good I won’t smoke in front of everyone

Hiplipputunna cat walklando...crocodile veedu kaalujaarakando...rude ando...right ee chustundo
Do not judge him by his stylish catwalk, in real he is like a cunning crocodile
He is rude and also right...he is looking at life in the right way

Medi pandu laanti man veedando...manhole laanti mind vedanado...cheat ando...gajibiji puzzle ando
His character is like a fruit(fig) which looks delicious from outside but contains worms inside
His mind is as dirty as a manhole...he's a is as confusing as a puzzle!

Come on come on he has got a bag of tricks...come on come on beware u trendy cheeks
heart hijacker nammaodde
He's a heart hijacker...don't trust him

Come on come on hez jaadugar...comeon come on he gives u fever
comeon come on hez a coolc racker taakodde
He’s a magician... he gives u fever...He's a cool cracker...beware of him

|| Mr.Perfect...perfect ||

Come on come on vori govindoo...vidu gurivindo
Come on come on sandu dorikindo...dochestdayayyo
Oh god...he fixed his target!
Even if he gets a slight chance...he'll rob away everything

Come on come on ariyabo sambo...come on come on regindi pambo
Veedni aapali menako rambhoooo
He's on full swing now
Only meanaka or rambha (Apsaras) can stop him

|| Mr.Perfect...perfect ||


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