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Monday, 4 November 2013

Kalalai Poyenu Song Lyrics Translation From Sakhi

Movie : Sakhi
Music : A. R Rehman
Lyrics : Veturi
Singer : Swarnalatha

Valapu Virahama Song Meaning In English

Premale Nerama...Priyaa Priyaaa
Valapu Virahamaa O Na Priyaa
O Dear...Is love a crime?
O my dear...Does desire leads to separation?

Manasu Mamata Aakasamaa
Oka Tarai Merisina Neevekkado
My soul and my affection are the sky
In which you twinkled like a star...but where are you now?

Kalalai Poyenu Naa Premalu
Alalai Pongenu Naa Kannulu (2)
All my love has turned into a mere dream
My eyes are flowing like the tides of an ocean (with tears)

Madike Athidiga Ranelano
Salavainaa Adagaka Ponelano
I couldn’t even come like a guest into your heart
Coz...later I have to leave you bidding good bye

Eduru Choopuku Niduredi
Voogenu Usure Kanneerai
There is no rest for my waiting for you
My life is swaying filled with tears

Manasu Adigina Manishekkado
Naa Pilupe Andani Dooraalalo
Where is the man, my soul is asking for?
Is he so far that he cannot hear my calling?

|| Kalalai ||

Anuragaaniki Svaramedi
Sagara Ghoshaku Pedavedi (2)
What tone can describe my attachment towards you?
Where is the voice for the ocean of anguish inside me?

Evariki Vare Eduru Padi
Edalu Ragulu Adabatulalo
We are facing ourselves
With our hearts raging with the longing for each other

Chivariki Dare Melika Padi
Ninu Cheraga Nene Silanaitini
Finally when our paths entwined
And when I eventually reached you...I turned into a sculpture

Enda Maavilo Naavanu Le
E Nittoorpe Naa Terachapale
I am living like a ship in the desert
My waiting for you is the only hope of my life (like the sail of a ship)

|| Kalalai ||

Vennela Mandina Vedanalo
Kalupuvu Laa Kalata Padi (2)
In the moon light that is scorched in my suffering
Like a water lily, I am worrying

Chesina Basalu Kalalai Pothe
Batuke Mayaga Migulunani
When the promises we made are just dreams
Our life would be nothing but an illusion

Neekai Vetikaa Kougilinai
Needa Ga Marina Valapulatho
I am searching for you, turning myself into an embrace
With the love that would never leave us (like a shadow)

Alisi Vunnaanu Asalato
Nanu Odarche Nee Pilupekkado
I am here...exhausted...still with a hope
Waiting for a word from you that would console my soul

|| Kalalai ||

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