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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Gunjukunna Song Lyrics Translation From Kadali

Movie : Kadali/Kadal
Music : A.R Rehman
Lyrics : Vanamali
Singer : Shakthishree Gopalan

Gunzukunna Song Meaning In English

Gunjukunna ninnu yedaloke(2)
Inka yennallaki eederuno ee bathuke
I have seized you into my heart
I do not know how long my life would go this way

Thene choope challavu naa pai chindela
Thaalanantondi manase neeru padda addam la
You have sprinkled your honey like gaze at me
My heart is unable to sustain a mirror that does not withstand the droplets of water

Kotha maniharam kudi sethi gadiyaram
Pedda pulinaina aniche adhikaram
He is adorned with the studded new pendant a wrist watch to his right hand
He has a competency to tame even a wild tiger

Neevellinaka nee neede ponante ponande
Gunde kinda needochi koorchunde eee
Even after you left...your shadow is not ready to leave me
It is still lingering in my heart

Inka adi modalu naa manase thala vonche eragadu ga
Goduganchai needumane nipputhondi ga
From then my heart never stepped back
It is firm in its decision like the metallic strip of an umbrella

|| Gunjukunna ||

Guvve musugesinde rave kekunikinde
Palemo perugulaga indake padukunde
Birds have tucked into their nests for the night
Peepal leaves slipped into a slumber
Milk slept and formed into curd

Racha kurupunnolle nidaroye velallona
Aasha kurupochi ade ara nimisham nidarode
It is the time even a bed ridden person falls asleep
But my heart tainted with hope doesn’t feel like resting even for a while

|| Gunjukunna ||

Engili padanelede angili thadavane lede
Aaredu nallai aakali oose lede ee
I did not eat anything...did not drink anything to quench my thirst
I do not feel hungry anymore

Peda yedane daati yedi palakadu pedave
Rabbaru gajulakemo sadi chese norede
My lips would not utter anything without the consent of my poor heart
Like the rubber bangles that cannot make a sound even though they wish to clink

|| Gunjukunna ||

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