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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Dhooram Dhooram Song Lyrics Translation From 100% Love

Movie : 100% Love
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Chandrabose
Singer : Tippu

Dhuram Dhuram Song Meaning In English

Dhooram dhooram dhooram...Theeram leni dhooram
The distance that grows...that which is limitless

Oke parikshe rasina...oke javabai saagina
Chero prashnalle migilinare
Though they have taken the same test...went along with the same answer,
Still they remained as two separate questions

Oke padavalo kalisina...oke prayanam chesina
Chero prapancham cherinare
Tough they met in the same boat...sharing the same journey
Yet  they reached two different worlds

Oke gathanni...oke nijanni...uresinare
Chero saganni...maro jaganni...varinchinare
They have strangled the past and the truth they were part of and
Embraced two separate halves and different worlds

|| Oke parikshe rasina ||

Intha daggara anthuleni dhooram
Intha kalamu dhaari leni dhooram
Janta madya cheri veru chese dhare
Naade annadhe
This distance which was not known so closely till now
Which did not knew the way till now
Which gets between the lovers and separates them
Is all mine

Snehamantu leka ontaraina dhooram
Chuttamantu leni manta thone dhooram
Bandhanalu thenchuthu ila balega murise
This distance which was left alone devoid of friendship
Which is in agony having no one to take care of
Is experiencing bliss by breaking bonds between people

Edabatu lone chedu thintu dhooram...eduguthunnade
Virahala chimma cheekataina dhooram...veluguthunnade
This distance is getting stronger by taking in the bitterness of 
glowing in the darkness spread by the longing of the soul

|| Oke parikshe rasina ||

Okka adugu veyyaleni dhooram
Okka angulam vellaleni dhooram
Edu adugula chinna dhoranni
Chaala dhooram chesinde
This distance which cannot take even a single step
Which cannot move even an inch
Has made the separation of seven steps even longer

Mailu raayi kokka mata marchu dhooram
Malupu malupu kokka dikku marchu dhooram
Moodu mulla muchate mulla bataga marche
This distance which changes its words for every mile
Which changes its direction for every turn taken
Has made the glory of marriage, a painful path

Thudi leni gnapakanni thudichi vese dhooramannadi
Modalaina chotu marachipothe kade payana mannadi
This distance which erases the memories that has no end says
That there is no meaning in a  journey if we forget from where we have started

|| Oke parikshe rasina ||

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