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Friday, 15 November 2013

Bujji Pilla Thella Pilla Song Lyrics Translation From Potugadu

Movie: Potugadu
Music: Achu
Lyrics: Achu, Manchu Manoj, Ramajogayya Sastry 
Singer: Simbu

Bujji Pilla Thella Pilla Song Meaning In English

One two three four
Why not shake your booty

Ammammo pichha beauty
What an awesome beauty

I am the driving in the city oh my naughty

Manamu veldham ooty
Let’s go to ooty

Arey come come da nathoti
Come with me  o lady

Ee potugadiki no poti
No one can challenge a bully like me

Okey love love love love love
After love hot stove no tension baby

Nuvvu naa bujii pilla...tella pilla
You are my cute little...fair looking girl

I love you pilla
I love you my girl

Ika nuvvu nenu coupling ayithe
If we can together form a couple

It would be boom boom boom

|| Nuvvu naa bujii pilla ||

Salaam Namastey Vanakkam Baby

You wearing
You wearing dress's  short u
Where are the rest amma
Arey i wanna tell you...i wanna tell you
you so hot amma

Sleeping ledhay...Eating ledhay
I'm neither sleeping nor eating

Chali jwaram vasthandhey
Fever is creeping in

You have the curves u
I have the packs u
let's sing duet ma

Nuvvu foreign chocolate maa
You're a foreign chocolate

Nenu local bisciut maa
I'm a local biscuit

Arey...don't go
My heart rate u rate u down u
Foreign figure amma

|| Nuvvu naa bujii pilla ||

You’re so bright u
I am not white u
It’s ok aright u
Arey love is blind u
Love is god u
Rest all bull shit

Nuvvu English u
You're a English speaking posh girl

Nenu localclasssu
I'm a local class guy

Together bindaasu
You are the flight u
I am the pilot u
Let’s go love route u

Mileage chaala goodu amma
My mileage is really very good

Horse power pichhi high amma
Horse power is also really very high

Arey white beauty super hottie

Nenu picchodaipoy
I've gone crazy looking at you

|| Nuvvu naa bujii pilla ||

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