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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Yele Yele Song Lyrics Translation From Ganesh

Movie : Ganesh
Music : Mickey J Meyer
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer : Sri Mathumitha

Eley Eley Song Meaning In English


Thelisina maate nuvvantunte malli kothaga vintunna
Everything that I know sounds new...when I hear it from you

Kalagannatte nijame itey chaala sambarapaduthunna
I am filled with joy when my dream turns into reality

Choostu choosthune navve muvvy pothuna
As I look at you, my smile is transforming  into a melody 

Tharimi aalochisthune nene nuvvy pothuna
Thinking about you...I am becoming you

Chinukyna thadileni vaana vaana...manasantha kurisena e samayaana
The rain which does not wet our souls is showering in my heart at this moment

Harivillai kanipinche naa needyna...thanuvantha vanikindhi aanandhaana
My shadow is appearing like a rainbow...all my body is resonating  with happiness

|| Yele yele ||

Neninthaga eppudyna kerinthalo munigaana
Was I ever filled with such cheerfulness?

Em chithramy vadhilinchaavilaa
What magic have you unleashed on me?

Nee sandhade yedhalona veyinthalai perigena...gaallo ela parugayindhalaa
Your exuberance is intensifying by thousand folds in my heart...It’s racing in the air

 ||Thelisina maate ||

Ya may be when I see the eyes...the feeling is strong
I feel your love...
to show what I say

|| Yele yele ||

Aakaasamy ekapyna naa lokame nee merupuke merupandhinchenaa
My world Is spread across you like the sky...enlightening the glow of your spark

A maayalo nenunna e maata nenantunna...naa svaramuga preme palikenaa
Though I am in a voice always speaks the language of love

|| Yele yele ||

||Thelisina maate ||

|| Yele yele ||

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