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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Mirchi Title Song Lyrics Translation From Mirchi

Song : Mirchi Mirchi
Movie : Mirchi
Music : Devi Sri Prasad
Lyrics : Ramajogayya Sastry
Singer : Chinna Ponnu

Mirchi Mirchi Song Meaning In English

Mirchi literally means Chilly in both Telugu as well as Hindi. Here it is used to describe the Hero's character in this song.

Mirchi mirchi mirchi mirchi Mirchi lanti kurrade
This guy is as hot as mirchi (Aggresive, fierce)

Mirchi mirchi mirchi mirchi

Ey mira mira meesam thippi Missile alle dookade
Twirling  his moustache, like a missile he leaped into action

||Mirchi mirchi||

Aa nippuku malle nikaarsaina aakaram
His vigorous physique resembles fire!

Aadu gettina chota adiripoddi gudaram
The place starts trembling when he steps in

Abba ippudikanna modalavthadi yavvaram
And the fight begins now!

Idi cheppudu chalu dummo dummo dummaaram
Telling about him is enough to frighten his enemies

||Mirchi mirchi||

Aa ekkadekkada bailellado bangaram
To what all places this dear one of mine has started his journey?

Gundelu thatti mogisthadu alarm
He rings the hearts with his touch

Ye dikkulu mutti puttisthado kallolam
In which direction will he start creating a havoc?

Enni lekkalu vesi evvaram maatram cheppagalam
No one can predict him!

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