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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi Song Lyrics Translation From Gajini

Song : Hrudayam ekkadunnadi
Movie : Gajini
Singers : Harish Raghavendra, Bombay jayasree
Lyrics : Vennelakanti

Hrudayam Ekkadunnadi Song Meaning In English

Hrudayam ekkadunnadi...hrudayam ekkadunnadi
Where is my heart? I don't know its whereabouts

Nee chuttune thiruguthunnadi
Seems like it is circling around you

Andamaina abadham,aduthunna vayase… naalo viraham penchuthunnadi
This tender age which is uttering a beautiful lie, is intensifying my longing for you

Chupulakai vethika, chupullone bathika
I've been searching for a glimpse of yours…I'm surviving in the looks of yours

Kallu therachi swapname kanna
I have been dreaming with my eyes open

Tholi saari, kallu therachi swapname kanna...
For the first time, I'm dreaming with my eyes open

||Hrudayam ekkadunnadi||

Kundanam merupu kanna, vandanam vayasukunna…cheli andam nede andukunna
I've received the beauty of my beloved which has the adoration of the young age that is shining more than a valuable gem

Gundalo kosaruthunna, korike thelupukunna
I have expressed my desire that has been silent in my heart till now

Chupe vesi brathikisthavanukunna
Hoping that you will make it alive

Kanti papala, puvvulane nee kanulalo kanna
Like iris I saw flowers in your eyes

Nee kalle vadi poni puvvulamma(2)
Your eyes are flowers that would never wither

||Hrudayam ekkadunnadi||

Manasulo ninnu kanna, manasutho polchukunna
I Have seen you in my heart, and recognized you with it

Thalapula pilupulu vinna
I heard the calling of my thoughts

Segalalo kaluthunna, chaliki ne vanukuthunna
Though I am scorching in fire,  I am shivering feeling cold

Neede leni jade thelusukunna...
I've found the trace without the shadow

Manchu challana, enda challana
Is Snow is cold or sunlight?

Thapam lona manchu challana,
In a petty argument of ours snow is cold

Kanna nee kopam lona enda challana(2) 
and my dear, sunlight is colder in your anger

||Hrudayam ekkadunnadi||


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